Apr 21, 2009

Window Coverings

My parents are currently having the parts of the house reconstructed. Two of them are the kitchen and my sister's room. Letting you know, the kitchen was damaged due to a fallen tree branch from the storm last year. My sister's room is small so she needs more room for her personal stuff.

The sink in the kitchen faces the South and on top of it is a small window. My mother wants to put the next day blinds to make the kitchen look more cozy. On the other hand, my sister's room will have a simple, girly touch to it since the next day blinds have feminine shades for window coverings. Her room's window is facing the North so it just needs a lighter shade.

I hope everything will work as planned.


Dori said...

I hope that all of the renovations go well :)

Billah said...

ups sori I see you already add mine...I also add yours too...thanks you :)

reanaclaire said...

thanks for returning the visit Marly...

"VHI" said...

Hello Mhar..napadaan lang ako ulit..take care!

Mhar's Display said...

@ Dori
thank Dori. That is what I am hoping for.

@ Billah
I appreciate the add friend.

@ reana, vhi
thank you for coming by

Dinoe said...

Thanks you for coming my blog