Apr 10, 2009

Camping And History

Oh what a day! It was sunny and everybody was outdoors. Is not it wonderful to do outdoor activities on seasons like Spring and Summer? Families will have a lot of fun if they will go on camping this summer. There are many camp sites to check for great amenities and pretty location.

My girl friend discovered a popular, historic camping destination in Pennsylvania. I say historic because the campground is in the town of Gettysburg, where the civil war battlefield is located. She invited me to visit her so that we can get-together and have a RV camping in Gettysburg. PA RV camping is also available in Gettysburg. Hhhmm...I do not like history that much but I guess it does not matter if you love it or not. The point is that fun is priceless and Gettysburg camping will bring you closer not only to nature but also to history...of course.

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