Apr 12, 2009

A Free Guide To Affordable Web Hosting

My online friends keep on telling me to get this blog a domain. My blog is a couple of months old and the contents are purely and originally from my own knowledge. It is getting a large traffic too. So

I think of putting my blog into web hosting. There are a couple of hosting sites that my friends recommend to me. But how would I know which is the best and trusted web host? The answer is at It has a directory of the top hosting sites available for Website owners. In this free directory are the popular web hosting sites my friends are referring. Now I am confused because I find these web hosts' plan very affordable.


Bridge said...

Hi Mharms! I tried PPP before but it didn't work for me so I try to avoid all these web gimmicks! I do hope it'll work for you.

Anyway dear, Happy Easter Day! and
have a great day! Thanks for keeping in touch. I appreciate your messages a lot. I may not have been regularly visiting you but all your msgs count!

Rona said...

Have a great week ahead!

Mharms said...

@ bridge
you are welcome bridge.
I am trying to hang on to PPP because they are giving me lots of opportunities.
have a blessed Easter too. i appreciate your comments as well.

@ rona
i appreciate it.