Apr 26, 2009

Refresh Your Home

Many people are getting their homes pleasant looking this Spring season. And if you are the type of person who is very decorative in the house, you also like your home to be newly furnished whenever seasons change.

Modern furniture Spring accents has a big sales volume this season. I read that home owners are getting rid of their old furniture so they buy new and modern ones. Some people love to put new furniture in bedroom. Others change their living room furniture set for a new refreshing look. Me? I will say, I think of a new wardrobe for the master bedroom.


maxiVelasco said...

hello Mharms! was here to visit you, too.

hope everything's okey with you. have a nice day!

Venkat said...

hi smile for u.. visit back.. nice blog...

irish daisies said...

but its good that they bloomed. I hope u have a great week and ur head is feeling all better too.

Prettymom said...

i added u na, please do h the same and hit me back

Sissym said...

I'm loving your blog. The topics are very interesting. I appreciate topics related to home, family, plants,... The mine has great texts, but always related to events experienced. A kiss from Rio de Janeiro!

DanaTelco said...

nice article. :)

Samantha said...

post a picture of your new wardrobe once you find it. I got mine from Ikea end of last year. Got our hands all blistered trying to set it up but it was well worth it.

Cheddarina said...

I'm now designing my wardrobe. Must be big enough to store all my clothes and handbags.

chilly said...

Hi There! Thanks for the link exchange. I have added you as you asked. Thanks!
Nice blog indeed!

On The Bricks

Mhar's Display said...

@ maxi and venkat
everything's fine here with me. thank you for asking.

@ irish
posting the new Amaryllis photo for WW entry. i am feeling well now. thank you.

@ sissym and dana
thank you for the compliment. i like talking about home, family, and nature. I love expressing my ideas that is why I called this blog Mhar's Display :)
I like your blog too.

@ samantha
sure no problem. I hope we'll get one soon.

@ cheddarina
must be huge huh? great. if it is okay share a picture with us here :)

@ chilly
i appreciate the add. and thank you for the compliment.

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