Apr 23, 2009

Effective Pain Reliever

I had a slight headache yesterday. Good thing it was my day off. I did a bunch of laundry while bearing the aching throbs in my head. It was a hot, humid afternoon.

My honey went home at noon and we had lunch together. I took an Advil after lunch. It made me drowsy so I slept on the couch for two hours! My laundry was ignored. It was five o'clock when I woke up, hurrying with the stuff undone. We have had plans to do grocery shopping too. My head still throbbed. I felt like throwing up. My honey arrived and we went to Albertson's. I added in our list the Excedrin-pain reliever pills that work on me. I took a pill when I finished dinner and after a couple of minutes, the headache was gone. Effective!


Samantha said...

hmmm...maybe you're getting pregnant? :D

Mhar's Display said...

@ samantha
hey, not yet :) it's just a mild migraine. Ugh I hate this.