Apr 8, 2009

Check Your Mailbox

Before our house was leased, we go there on weekends to check everything. And the mailbox is the first place we check when we arrive. We were still receiving mails even if they were only advertisement and promotions.

My honey said the mailbox needs to be replaced because it looks unappealing and worn out. He was trying to find a replacement. But where can we get a new one? We were wondering if we can even personalize the new mailbox. The answer is yes. Whitehall Mailboxes have a wide selection of uniquely designed mailboxes. They offer designing custom mailboxes for customers. These are perfect for homeowners who love to match accents for their home. And personalized mailboxes are of interesting point. Of course, we are interested.


Carnation said...

hi thanks for visiting my blog. it's always nice to move to a new place but sucks when you miss the old one.

krisleaviray said...

hello this is krislea.
want to ex link?
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Mizé said...

Visiting you to wish Good Easter Holidays!

Mharms said...

@ carnation
yeah, i hate moving too. it is difficult and pain in the pockets :)

@ krislea
sure..i added u na already

@ Mize
happy Easter to you too Mize