Apr 6, 2009

Hyper Acidity

What the h*** is happening with my stomach? Actually it started feeling awful yesterday morning. When I woke up I head straight to the bathroom and threw up. I do not think I ate something spoiled. Ugh! I really hate this. Then here it goes again. Acting up like I need to take a pill. It is bad because my enjoyment in our vacation is partly ruined.

Oh I need to go to the restaurant and get me some milk. Do I have hyper acidity? Maybe. My stomach is growling whenever it gets the chance.

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1 comment:

Badet said...

Hi Mharms, thanks for dropping by my blog. I noticed that I have my link under Badudets here, can you please update the link to

I will include all your blogs in my new blogroll. Can you send it all again pls?