Apr 19, 2009

Concerns About Getting Pregnant

We all know that being married requires a woman to become more responsible not only to her family but to herself also. Taking care of the household and bringing up children are tough jobs. For me, the happiness of being married to the right man is a blessing. And we are ready to start a family.

Most of the people close to me are telling me that I might be experiencing a delicate pregnancy. They thought I would because of my small body frame. At my age now, I should start building up a strong resistance by doing proper exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet to support my body on bearing a child. I need to gather plenty of information about conceiving and everything about being a first time mother because I do not know any of these. The experience from taking care of a niece or nephew is different than having my own child. I am concerned about my health during pregnancy period.

My girl friends back home advised me to read pregnancy guides on the Internet. These guides discuss detailed information from the time of fertility, during pregnancy, and to the moment a woman is due. Also, they share helpful tips on getting rid of the morning sickness. Well this is what I need. The more I am aware, the lesser my worries will be. This is a woman's personal responsibility.


Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

I know all about this pre pregnancy worries. I wrote about my own worries here -

and got some good advices from people. Read it and maybe it could help you too in some ways.

madz said...

Yup! It is a woman's responsibility. If you don't want to take care of yourself, you should think of the life within you womb. May you have a healthy baby!

chubskulit said...

can't wait till you announce that you are preggy hehehe.. Ninang ako lol!

Maria said...

Good luck Mhar! I hope you'll be blessed with a child soon. :)

Mhar's Display said...

@ jade
thanks. i read it and I am so inspired about it. i appreciate your sharing.

@ madz
that is why I want to keep myself fit and well. but sometimes I forget that I am not getting any younger.

@ chubs
hey, sure bah. ninang ka ha..sabi mo yan :)

@ maria
thank you. I would love to have a baby.

Fida Abbott said...

Yes, you are like me when I was pregnant. I was so crazy searching many sources for having a birth, as preganncy woman, taking care for baby, etc, etc. I read about 3 more books about preganancy, sign up for e-newsletter that relevan with pregnancy woman and about baby.

I am so glad you will have a baby soon.

Regards from PA

Mhar's Display said...

Same here Fida. I bought a book about first time mothers and parenting. I hope this will help me with everything.