Apr 14, 2009

Modern Upgrade

After the rains on Sunday, here comes sunny day. I can tell the Spring rains pour in preparation for the coming Summer.

In my apartment we do not have any thing to help us cool off besides the air-conditioner. My honey said that the electric bill increases during the Summer. And the goal is to minimize the bill to 50%. I guess the best idea is to ask for ceiling fans upgrade here in the apartment. We have renewed our lease and the office said an upgrade is a benefit.

We would like to look for modern ceiling fans. I am not sure if the leasing office allows us to choose what we want to install. But if we are, the suited fans for our unit is Casablanca ceiling fans. They look like the ones we have at the house in Nevada.


shengy said...

hi mharms...visiting

ShedLife said...

was here

Christina said...

Dropping by! Thanks for the comments!

Mharms said...

@ shengy, shedlife, christina
i appreciate you all. thank you for the comments too.