Apr 23, 2009

Affordable Web Hosting Sites

I am getting a lot of recommendations to get a hosting for my blog. My blogger friends keep on advising me on this. For this thought, I am currently looking at webhosting rating Website to get full information regarding a hosting website that, I think, is perfectly suited for my blog. Included in the list are the top web hosts on the Internet. In fairness, all of them have affordable hosting service but I have to choose only one.

I cannot make up my mind yet. For the reason that, my blog is enjoying its PR right now. It took months of hard work to gain this rank. They said that if I will get a domain and put my blog to webhosting, I will lose the PR. Is that true?


Aice Nice Concepts said...

yes choosing a webhosting can be difficult... read all the terms and condition first (^_^)

Sissym said...

Dear new friend, I start saying I have the pleasure of having the name of your blog (link) on my two: BlogZoom and Masquerade.
I noticed your PR, congratulations! I still am a freshman and I'm happy to read that your material. I feel many questions and my blogs are very well, however, I need to learn more about this new world that I honestly love it.
About your question, I have a friend who meant a lot, I ask him. The site is fantastic and it is called: Curious. It is my dream to use!
I am not very "refined" in English but this exchange will help considerably to this.

How is your name / My name is Simone and I like to be called Sissy/Sissym.


madz said...

Probably, cause you will lose all the links you already have.

Mhar's Display said...

@ ice
that is to be considered too. so i am not sure yet if i will get one.

@ Sissym
It is my pleasure to meet new friend like you Sissym. And I thank you for adding my blogs to yours. If you have questions, I will try my best to give you answers. I understand you are not used to speaking English.

@ madz
that is what I am worried about.