Apr 23, 2009

Single Bloom, Little Blooms

Yep! Look at my Amaryllis. It is shooting blooms without leaves at all. I wonder why? Maybe because the plant is in a very small pot or its growth was bad due to the hot summer heat last year? You see, the patio where the plant sits is facing the West. So the peak of the sun's heat directly strikes the patio. Being in a hot spot has made my Amaryllis grow slow.

I am so happy with the new blooms though. But my friend F (who gave me the Amaryllis as a welcome gift) will be disappointed to see the Amaryllis has very little flowers. Maybe not. Well, I am thankful it is still alive.


irish daisies said...

its still nice to even have the one bloom im sure it will be very pretty when in bloom

Nanaybelen said...

good luck daw yan

Jaime said...

ohh nice! good luck with it!
i can never plant anything that lives!@_@

Mhar's Display said...

@ irish
well, i took a photo of the half blooms and will post it later

@ nanay belen
really? i did not know. I should take extra care pala of my plant :)

@ jaime
you can try jaime. do not lose hope. if you planted one, take care of it.

Cafe au Lait said...

Ahhh, so this is amaryllis. I always see it around but didn't know the name.

Sissym said...

My Dear, AMARYLLIS is a fast growing and flowering up to one month, after the bulb enter into period of dormancy, losing all the leaves and look with "no-life" after this period leaves and flowers born again.

I also love flowers and love to see them born and grow in my home.


Mhar's Display said...

@ Cafe
yea, i just knew its name when my husband's friend gave me this as a welcome gift.

@ sissym
now i understand how this plant grows :) i love flowers too sissy.