Apr 5, 2009

Out Of State Vacation

Early today we will head to our vacation destination out of State, in Oklahoma. Yes. We are excited now. I hope the weather will be fine and warm so that there is a chance for me to go swimming. The hotel we are staying has built a new resort so it would be fun.

Actually our wedding anniversary is on April 12. Since it is Easter Sunday, we agreed to move the vacation date ahead. First year of marriage...time flies like an arrow huh?


"VHI" said...

Hello Sis, magka month pala tayo ng anniversary. Kami April 9. Happy Vacation!

Mharms said...

REally? I am glad to know :) thank you. Happy anniversary too!

Shawie said...

Congratulations, Mharms and hope you'll share many more blissful years together:)

Mharms said...

thank you Shawie. it is very wonderful of you.