Jan 21, 2009

Am I Pregnant?

Today I am feeling...

1. restless
2. weak
3. dizzy
4. achy

then I,

1. am throwing up
2. feel like crying
3. am craving something to eat but my stomach could not take it
4. am missing my Mama
5. need sweet hugs from my honey

What do these things mean? Am I pregnant? No...not yet. I am just having this darn cramps again! 'Seems like a punishment (sobs). Help!!!


vicy said...

Visiting back here..

chubskulit said...

be sure to do a pregnancy test, its better to be sure... I hope you are sis hehehe..

irish daisies said...

hi, i hope you start feeling better soon

poray said...

PMS ka dai? hehehe..lamat sa bisita

Christina said...

Happy Belated New Year, hope things are going well for you!!!

Mayet said...

hi! hope you're ok now! take care..

Madz said...

wowowie, congrats in advance sistah... yes I am feeling the same too, these are the common signs of pregnancy!! have read my posts about my result and that hubby has been craving for me too?

Btw, got a tag for u:

Grab it if you are not busy.. Good luck sistah... yeeeheeyyyyy