Jan 26, 2009

Expressing Love And Affection With Flowers

What I love about my honey is that, he is so thoughtful and caring. He knows how to make me happy even in simple things...simple things that are big deal to me. My honey is fond of giving me presents since the courtship until now. And flowers are one of them. He knows I love them so much.

From the start, I knew he is buying the lovely flowers from online florists. With ease, he can choose from many selections of flower bouquet styles and combination at the website. When I was still in the Philippines different types of bouquets (mixed or not) has been sent to me -roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, daisies, and others. What I love the most are the red long stemmed roses. My honey has given me plenty of them. Roses' have pleasant scent which I like. They are my favorite flower so far. At present, my honey orders bouquet of flowers online without hassle at all.


Imelda said...

hi how are you????

Emily said...

Nice post!! Flower bouquet is the best Valentines Day gift. I just ordered a beautiful bouquet at 1800Flowers.