Jan 26, 2009

Asking Permission To Buy Online

It is my nature being polite and prudent. In relation with these attitudes, I am used to ask permission before doing something that concerns money matters. Like what happened this afternoon, I asked my honey's permission to buy the clear handbag which I saw online a week ago. I was so into buying the handbag the first time I laid my eyes on it at the online store because the price was reduced to 50% off of regular price. I find the handbag so pretty compared to what I searched from other online stores. There is no way for me to pay with Paypal because the store requires credit or debit cards only. What I did is that I told my husband about my crush on the clear handbag and asked him if I can use our credit card just for once on this purchase. He said okay.

You might ask what is the point of asking my husband's go signal before the purchase? It is because I do not want to get the habit of buying or shopping online using our credit card. It is not a good habit and we both know that.


Tey said...

I also use paypal thats why I accept only paypal on my online store. But I will soon have the option of accepting credit for those who dont have paypal acount
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Mharms said...

Credit card payment is a good option too. It us widely used in shopping online.