Jan 7, 2009

Start The New Year With Saving

'Brought some bitter melon stir-fry to work today. The plan was to just buy rice at lunch break. I came up to the idea last night because I would like to limit my spending on daily meals at work. Imagine if I buy lunch for $7.35 per day, and I work let us say six days a week, I will spend $44.10 per week and a total of $176.40 of lunch meal per month. Oh my! That is too much I guess. I hope I can manage the meal budget idea because I want to start the new year with saving. My honey and I have plenty of plans. This is my new year resolution and I want to be successful on this.

How about you? What is your new year resolution?


Hapi said...

Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

PinoyDeal said...

nice post. i ended 2008 with saving and ill start 2009 saving more.. for the future of my family. thanks a bunch! -

Imelda said...

sustain that sis and you'll get richer by 1,200 dollars a year. wow, its big when cumulatively computed. i will do this, too so i can save.

vicy said...

Was here today..Happy New Year..

MharMS said...

@ hapi
thank you for the compliment hapi. I added yours here also.

@ pinoydeal
yep, the saving is all for the future use and of course for the welfare of the family

@ meldz
Hahaha! that's a big money huh? I will look forward to that.

@ vicy
happy new year too!

Beauty Trista said...

Nice post. And better Start The New Year With Smile too ... :)