Jan 2, 2009

Quick Fiance(e) Visa Process

My honey and I will be expecting visitors tomorrow. My cousin who just arrived here in Texas a week ago is coming over at our place with her American fiance. It was a coincidence that she is marrying a guy from Texas. I am so glad to know she is here now.

The process of her Fiance(e) Visa was so quick. It only took her about six months from the filing of application until the Visa interview and approval. That is a good thing. Mine took eight months. Well, what matters is that we made it. And now we are with our beloved ones. The next step is to plan and set their wedding. After that they will file the Application for Permanent Residency or Adjustment of Status (AOS). I think the waiting period on this process will not take longer than three months. But it still depends on the documents of the applicants.

Anyway, it is late in the evening and I should relax now. Oh no, not yet! The Afritada (chicken stew with tomato sauce) that I will prepare for my cousin and her boyfriend tomorrow is still cooking. My friend Norie helped me with the other food stuff tonight. She wants to meet my cousin too. All right. I am going to check the chicken before it becomes fried. ^_^


Tey said...

Hi Marly how are you. Just passing by. Happy New year
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maxi said...

maxi of is visitng you today. hope you are having a wonderful one!

anyway, can we exchange links? i will surely appreciate it.

Mharms said...

Happy new year Tey. I am doing fine. Been busy with the holidays :)