Jan 1, 2009

My Goal This New Year

It is the New Year. Everybody is busy noting down their resolutions...the do's and don'ts for the year. Out of curiosity, I am just wondering if the resolutions they have made last year had taken place? Oh well, it is none of my business. I should take care of my own, right? ^_^

I have three resolutions set for myself and my blog. First, I should be more diligent this year. Second, I should start cleaning out the "clutters". These "clutters" keep on bugging me. And third, I am thinking of getting this blog a new domain and webhosting. I am working on earning extra money online. And I learned that to gain more opportunities for a website is to have its own domain name. I am somewhat hesitant because I do not know what to do. Then here I found web hosting tutorials that guide a newbie like me in terms of what domain name is appropriate and what hosting is best for my website. This way, I will not be so confused with everything related to web hosting. And I am looking forward to this goal to happen soon.


Viv said...

Yeah, it is better to have your domain and hosting. You will get more opportunities... Btw, happy new year!

Abraham said...

all the best 4 success to get ur goal this new year..

pls visit me back..