Jan 28, 2009

It's Raining Ice

The cold weather makes me feel laid back and lazy. I am not used to very cold temperature. The weather forecast says there is a big chance of getting some rains tonight. They are right because it is raining ice this evening. My feet and hands are cold even if I am wearing gloves and thick socks. Brrr! Good thing my thermal clothing helps me keep warm. I can hear the drops of ice hit the glass window. Whenever the heater comes on, it makes me feel better and warmer.


Mizé said...

Hi Mhars.
Just doing my EC round.
I hate the cold weather too. It makes me more lazy then hot, just wanna be home with my blankets :)
Happy blogging week xx

Mharms said...

Yea, I like to wrap myself to keep me warm too. thanks mize.

chubskulit said...

its freezing cold in here too.. I subscribed nga pala from your blog, hope you can subscribe from my blogs too.. thanks Mhars!