Jan 4, 2009

Emelyn, Norie, and Marly the apartment yesterday. My cousin Emelyn and her fiance arrived nearly 12 o'clock noon and I was in panic because the bitter melon and eggs were not cooked yet. The kitchen looked like it was hit by a storm. I thought they will be in town at one o'clock.

I called Norie telling her my cousin has arrived. She and her husband came over and met Emelyn. My cousin brought me some pasalubong (gifts) from the Philippines-two jeans, Efficasent oil (which I requested), dried mangoes, dried fish (danggit), and Otap from Cebu. After a great lunch, we talked about fun stuff. We enjoyed taking pictures too. Here is us-Emelyn (in pink), Norie (in gray), and me.

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pinaywife said...

happy new year! cheers and wishes for the best of the year 2009..

Tey said...

And sexy mo pala Marly.. Nice Christmas tree... Happy new year my friend
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Mharms said...

@ pinaywife
i appreciate the greetings :)

@ Tey
di naman masyado :) thanks for the greetings friend.

ShedLife said...

hello mharms

irish daisies said...

thank you and you also have a wonderful new year

Azlina Abu Bakar said...

Dropping by for a visit and would like to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR! I haven't been on much because we've been busy and sick.Hope your new year is going well.

joy said...

happy new year too!

qiwoman said...

Looks like you had a great time and I love mangoes!