Jan 20, 2009

December 08's Ten Hottest Entrecarders at MD

Here is what. I am saving this space for the blogs who came and left their mark on my entrecard last month. I would like to express my appreciation to everybody. I know it is the middle of the month but it is not too late. There is still time for me to thank y'all. What's more interesting is that, there are new faces. You can go and check them out :) .

EC Droppers

Windmill on the Hill
Workplace On The Web
Emotionally Entertaining
Anything Under The Sun
My Random Thoughts
Learning How To Make Money Online
G-aNnE's ViTa
NetBooks Philippines
island girl

Cheers everyone!


quantumindonesia said...

hi mhars,

had add your link on my me if you hadd my link.thanks

Imelda said...

hi how are you please visit me!!

Anonymous said...

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