Jan 28, 2009

Time Flies So Fast...Aren't You Excited?

Is it not amazing how time flies so fast? It is the last week of January already. Are you not excited February is approaching? I am because of the V day (Valentines Day). Yep! As of the moment I am thinking where my honey and I will go for a date. Well, he will ask me for sure.

I am picturing a wonderful gift for him on Valentine's Day. Since he gave me a lovely watch on Christmas, why not give him a wristwatch from Bulova watches. I searched and looked on a Men's Marine Star Bulova watch in a stainless case and bracelet. It is scratch resistant which I find interesting. I am definitely sure he would love it. His old watch needs to be replaced anyway.


Imelda said...

yeah time flies so fast indeed. its february how generous of u, thats a very nice watch . .

amging said...

WOW!!! but I guess it's not the value of the present that counts but the value of the one who gives.

Have a wonderful Valentine's DaY

And yeah February is supposedly exciting especially for me, since today is my B-DAY and Valentine's Day is approaching and yet the excitement seems to be overpowered by loneliness because my hubby and I are miles away. So, we're just gonna have our date on skype hehehe.

Mharms said...

@ meldz
it will take time for me to pay for this watch.hehehe

@ amging
hey, do not worry about the distance. as long as you love for each other is strong and healthy, y'all be fine. advance happy birthday to you.