Jan 3, 2009

Problem Solved

After the holidays we went to the jewelry store and had my Swiss wristwatch re-sized. When it was done, we found out the hands were not moving. It was very disappointing. The lady associate said she will give us a call whenever she finds a new one of the same brand from other stores.

She called my honey Wednesday and told him there was no other watches like that in their stores anywhere. We brought my watch back to them yesterday with the idea of getting a new one in mind. The repair staff was there so my honey asked if he can fix the problem for us. The repair staff checked the watch and the battery in it. He said the battery was sitting there for a long time so it made some corrosion. He cleaned the watch inside out, replaced the battery with a new one, and had set the time. We waited for the minute hand to move after three minutes. We were thankful when it did. Well, the problem is now solved.

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