Jan 3, 2009

Swiss Watch Is The Surprise Gift

Wearing a wristwatch is what I am used to since I was young. A watch is an essential accessory to possess. It lasts with me for years. The previous watch I got was bought by my parents. I got one when I was in high school. Then my cousin gave me her watch seven years ago when I was about to go back home in the province. She said it is her gift to me. It is still working until now. Within these past few months I did not change the leather straps in my old watch so my honey noticed that it is wearing out. He asked when I plan to get new straps for it. "Later when I have money hon," I said.

Then Christmas came. We had a party at his sister's house in Whitehouse and at Mom and Dad's in Tyler. Everybody was busy opening gifts. I was really surprised with mine. My honey gave me a lovely gold Swiss wristwatch. It was so pretty that I cannot wait to put it on. We had it adjusted because it is a little bit loose. Now I enjoy my beautiful new Swiss watch on my wrist.

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