Jan 18, 2009

Movie Date

It is a beautiful Sunday. They said it is going to be warm the rest of the day. Good. I will not be shivering, sort of. My honey and I planned to go on a date. We will go for a movie date today. We will watch a movie, "Mall Cop". It is a comedy film about a security who is protecting the mall he is working in. The first time I saw the trailer on television I was laughing like I was tickled. The movie is hilarious so we will go see it.

When watching a film, we pick a seat not too close or too far from the screen. I want to be seated somewhere I can walk easily to the ladies room. I also bring a jacket because it is cold inside the movie house. Also, it is a preparation when the weather gets cold outside.


vinoth said...

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Shelly said...

Hope you enjoyed the movie. I don't like sitting too close either. We normally won't go when we know it's going to be super busy...just in case. We mostly watch movies at home so we can pause for our potty breaks.

Mharms said...

would love to add yours here too.

@ shelly
great! sometimes we rent dvd's and watch movies at home too. but i love going to the movie house either :)