Jan 9, 2009

Protect Your Good Credit

There was a call from a lady customer this afternoon. She was asking why there was a late fee charge in her credit card from the purchase she made two months ago. She paid her bills on time. I told her that it would be my pleasure to help her but: First, the concern was about money matters and the transaction she made two months ago which I do not have the idea what the real story was. Second, I am new in the position and I am not yet familiar with the concern she is bringing up. So I called my supervisor and told her about the customer's concern.

I think I understand the customer's situation. She was in panic because she is charged for late fee. Meaning something has been paid late. But she was not taking it for the reason that she said she is paying up-to-date. You see, it is very important to have a good credit score these days. This will help improve credit status of an individual which will serve as a record if the person wants to get a loan for her family. Maybe that is the reason why the customer is very eager to check with us because she is protecting her credit score to avoid credit repair. If not, she might get a credit repair help in the future.

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