Dec 9, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Finally my hearing is back to normal. I had to see the doctor yesterday because I my ear was clogged for a week. I was so worried. Then yesterday was a relief.

Before my ear was checked, the doctor asked a lot of questions regarding my medical history. She checked my blood pressure (BP), pulse rate, and body temperature. As of yesterday, December 8, 2008, my BP is 108/70 and my body temperature was 83. Seven months ago my BP was 110/80. The doctor said it is normal. As the doctor went over to my answers, she said my family and I are healthy. After that she started looking inside my right ear. Then everything was set for the cleaning. The doctor used warm water with peroxide and squirted using a syringe for a couple of times inside my ears until my ears were cleansed. I was so tickled during the whole process. But the result was a relief. I can hear the noise around me pretty clearly. A prescription of ear drops was given to me to apply within 3-5 days after irrigation to clean and reduce the swelling of the ears.


Imelda said...

good that its cleaned. take care of your ears, its extra sensitive

Enid said...

hi glad you are alright now! i had one episode like that but it went through middle ear infection. that happened a long time ago. thanks for dropping!

mharms said...

@ meldz, enid
I am watchful with my physical health now. health is very important.

SweetPinay said...

Mharl,na unsa man d i ka oi na lunggan ka?hala kulbaan ko dah ka basa ani kay ganiha pag ligo naku mura sad na sudlan akong talinga og tubig bah pero medjo na wala ra hinuon dayon.Good to hear that your hearing is back to normal. Ok talk to you later.

mharms said...

@ Sweetpinay
My ear was clogged for a week not because of the water. But something normally is inside our ears :) I just woke up one morning I can barely then I tried to use cotton buds to clean my ear but it got worse. So I went to the doctor for check-up and cleaning.

pchi said...

I am glad you're OK now

i've had problems with my ears also before

in fact, I've damaged my eardrums because of excessive cleaning

the ent told me to just clean it one or twice a week because our ears have their own cleaning mechanism

but i am so glad you're OK now

take care!

merry christmas!