Dec 15, 2008

On Dental Health

Though it is freezing outside, today is not a cool day for me and my honey. He is feeling sore, I am groggy and weak. The half part of my face is throbbing with pain after the molar tooth extraction. My honey had his teeth drilled and cleaned.

When I took the pain reliever pill, I feel like I am drunk. My body automatically settled on the couch. My gum has stopped bleeding. Though the dentist is very light during the extraction process, I cannot help sweating. Maybe because I still have the feeling of that "first time". But for long-term health and fitness, it should be done. Dental health is one of the most important health concerns that we should not neglect.

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The Wandering Scotsman said...

I agree totally, dental health is an extrmely important thing, I bursh my teeth twice a day, floss every day and use mouth wash every day and I haven't had any problems with my teeth for over 5 years.