Dec 4, 2008

Vacation And Recreation In London

We received an early Christmas greetings from my brother-in-law and his family. It is a personalized family picture with words of greetings printed on it. The picture was from their vacation in London two months ago.

When we came over to their house in Prosper (one of the cities in Northern Texas) the weekend of my honey's birthday, his wife showed us all the pictures they have taken from their trip. I was so amazed looking at the palace, London Tower and Museum. They also have the pictures of King Henry VIII's armor. During their vacation, they went to see different recreations in London. There were shops, picture taking with the palace guards, and horse racing. London is also home to great recreational places. And horse racing at Kempton Park is one of them. I wonder if my brother-in-law and his family spend a few hours watching the race. I would be great to see horses running as fast as they can in the field. I bet it was fun to watch the horse racing in London.


Travel Accessories said...

what a nice vacation...

stevevhan said...

wow london, you know, one of my dream is to go to london, but i have no money yet, i'm still studying!:)after i graduate i'll go to europe

stevevhan said...

got a new post, hope you could post a comment!:)

vicy said...

Have a wonderful weekend..It's my dream and Jeff's to visit London one day also..

Imelda said...

hi i was here for a visit

jj-momscashblog said...

Hi MarlyMS, My mom had gone to London years ago, and she had absolutely loved it. Are you into horses, sounds like you are from your posts? We grew up with horses when I was younger, we had several horses and could not wait to see the little colts when they were born. Nice post.

mharms said...

@ travel accessories
yes indeed. my brother in law and his family had so much fun.

@ stevevhan

I hope your dream to go to London will come true. You have to finish your studies first and get a good job. Save up for your future travel.

@ Vicy

I know you and Jeff will go for a vacation there :)

@ Imelda

I appreciate it as always.

@ JJ

Yes I like horses. In our town in the Philippines, plantation owners have horses in their ranch. I like watching them run and glide.