Dec 29, 2008

Getting Rid Of Acne

I heard from my cousin this morning. She was sending her greetings to me and my honey. I am so happy because I talked to her today. She is getting busy with her new job.

When we were together in Manila, we used to hang out at the mall. When there is an interesting movie, we will watch it over and over again. If we are in the department store we go directly to kitchenware, appliance, shoes, and health/beauty department. We spend more time at health and beauty department looking for some products to treat her acne. I know it is a little bit awkward but she did not mind me help her on that.

Our other cousins are telling her to try an acne treatment product from Murad Acne. The Acne Complex product has a set of treatment that will help her get rid of acne. She was dealing with it for years now and it really affects her confidence as a woman. I heard this product is effective so I hope it will give my cousin the good result.

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Abraham said...

hi frnd...nice post..