Dec 4, 2008

I Want My Right Ear Back

When there is something wrong in our body chances are we become irritable right? And when we are, everything we see and do is annoying to us.

My hearing capacity is not good these days. My right ear is clogged and I do not know how to clear it anymore. That is why I am feeling irritable. My honey and I tried putting some hydrogen peroxide in my ear to cleanse it. But nothing happens. I searched online for remedies and cleansing with hydrogen peroxide is one of them. Some say using Q-tips or Swab is inadvisable. I feel so annoyed because I cannot hear clearly. It is been close to a week now. Anyway, I requested an appointment to a doctor nearby to check my ear on Monday. I want to know what is going on in there.

You know, it is alright with me if I do not receive the gift cards and stuff I want in my wish list on the holidays just to get my better hearing back. I would be satisfied.

1 comment:

irish daisies said...

i hope your ear is feeling better. have a great week ;)