Dec 4, 2008

Customers First

It was a busy day at work today. Shoppers were in line at the customer's service paying for shipping, gift cards, gift wrapping and other services. I was wrapping gifts the whole day. The manager gave me a bunch to work with. And they were business suits. Good thing he will get them at the end of the day so I was not in a hurry. He said, "Customers first."

In gift wrapping you have to have your own style and routine. These will help the wrapping quick and easy. Also a wonderful skill to learn. Anyway, as what my honey and I were teasing about me working at the mall, I brought home a list of the gifts I wrapped since from the first day at work. Then I told him that from the list I am going to choose the items I want him to buy for me. The listing will continue until Christmas day. He had a good laugh on that.

Gifts I wrapped as of December 4, 2008:

1. Long-sleeved Sweat Shirt (men)
2. Coat, scarf, winter gloves, GC (women)
3. Gold bracelet (women)
4. Fossil Wallet (men)
5. Chocolates and Teddy bear
6. Business suits (men)
7. Nike shoes (men and women)
8. Purple blouse (women)
9. Bed sheet and vases
10. Calvin Klein shaving cream and after shave (men)
11. Diffuser
12. Punch set

To be continued...

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Euroangel said...

wow great job!!! nag -xlinks na ba ta Sis...let me know diay after you add my that i can add you asap...

PLS. UNDER the name BLOG TITLE much better..

Merry Xmas daan..thanks for the visit..

mharms said...

Murag nag exlinks tah sa iba nimo nga blogs. Ok will add the others too. Happy Holidays!