Dec 4, 2008

Learned Another Lesson

My goodness! I did not know it was freezing cold this morning when I go to work. Yesterday was a bit warms and I enjoyed feeling the fresh sunshine on my skin. On my way to work today I was shivering and could not help utter words of help to the heavens. Letting you know, Dillard's Mall is just a walking distance from the apartment. My honey's work schedule is 8:30 in the morning, mine is 10:00 o'clock. So he leaves earlier than I. As I was saying, the freezing cold was penetrating in the innermost part of my veins. I have coat but because I am not used to wearing large sizes, I did not wear it. And I will be late if will go back to the apartment to get it. As a consequence, I ended with nasal congestion...again. Another learned lesson. (Sigh)


Gina said...

uh uh poor thing....hope you feel better soon..lisod sad ning tugnaw oi..kapoy suot suot ug coat

mharms said...

Mao jud Gina. I am get annoyed sometimes because it is quite difficult to move comfortably.

Shawie said...

oh, sorry to hear that, Mhars...well, at least you learned, lol