Dec 13, 2008

Play, Learn, Win

I got to the point when my mind gets blank. As in nothing comes to mind...nothing much to do. One time I was just in front of the computer browsing, reading, typing and clicking. I was bored. Then a website caught my interest. I wanted to be entertained so I explored the website It appears to me that is a free contest-based website where players or participants are able to participate in games, polls, trivia, and other types of interesting play-as-you-please games.

I enjoyed playing in the trivia category since that is what I like the most. The process is to look for the games that interest you in WiseWits. What is more exciting is that there are games where you have to solve clues. In this way, the players or participants can apply their experience, creativity, and know-how to get the chance to solve clues. And you know what? is giving prizes to players who complete and solve the challenges of the games. Awesome! Also you can interact with other players with the same interests in's community. It is moderated so no cheating. ^_^


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