Dec 20, 2008

This Won't Make Him Shiver In The Winter

We cannot hold back the days. Winter is here. My honey told me of how cold it is here in the USA. He advised me to get myself some winter clothing. The weather is unpredictable here in Texas. So it is better to be always prepared in this cold season. I bought some sweaters and leggings. My mother-in-law gave me a coat. With the stuff I have, I noticed that my honey do not have a coat for himself except for a couple of jackets in the closet. Those will not help better to keep him warm. I guess it is time for me to do some work here.

Now I have the idea of giving him something that will not make him shiver in the winter. And I am currently in favor with men's wool coats. These coats are made with high quality wool and cashmere that helps keep our bodies warm in cold weather in the winter. Men's wool coat can also be worn on formal occasions because they are tailored with elegance. Most men has a sense of fashion, so is my honey. He will surely love to wear the wool coat and he will definitely look more gorgeous in it.


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