Dec 29, 2008

Personalized Photos and Greeting Cards As Decors

I do not know what you might think but I plan to keep our Christmas tree up until the first week of January. This is what my family used to do back home.

This is our first Christmas tree here. I was so excited when my honey bought it for us. It flatters me when visitors say our tree is pretty and looks professional. But it will look more beautiful in our house (Oh my God, I miss our house!). Though I have decorated our tree with Christmas ornaments, I have other unique decor in it. You see I put all the greeting cards we received during and after the Christmas week. Greetings from family and friends with personalized photos were pretty. So all of them are in our Christmas tree. What can you say?


Cecile said...

Happy New Year dear, to you and your family :-) take care and thanks for the visit :-)

Lollii-Pii said...

Happy new year!!! I love the CHRISTMAS TREE!! and the presents..Oh THE PRESENTS!!!.. I love it.haha..