Dec 24, 2008

Non-Stop Gifts

Whoa! What a day! The mall is packed with crowd in Christmas rush. Yes it is. Everybody was coming in and out of the stores looking for the perfect gift to give this Christmas. I was so busy today because there is non-stop coming of gifts in the gift wrap section. Whew! I had to wrap each gift double time to get all caught up. Good thing the secretary helped me until the last package.

We were having fun while gift wrapping because we got the chance to check the items to wrap. What we liked among the gifts were Dooney and Burke purses. They are so lovely. There was a pretty red purse which I liked the best, the Medium Chiara Bag. When I saw it, I fell in love with it. Oh I wonder when will I be able to buy this. It is very pretty!

By they way, here is the continuation of the gift wraps I did that may interest you to buy:

1. Hugo Boss Perfume (Men)
2. Julie Couture Perfume (Women)
3. Polo Long-sleeved shirts (Men)
4. Reebok Shoes (Men and Women)
5. Coach Boots (Women)
6. Winter coats (Women)
7. Robes and Pajamas (Women)
8. Crystal ware
9. Dooney and Burke purses (Women)
10. Children clothing
11. Estee Lauder gift set (Women)
12. Formal suits (Women)
13. Belt (Men)
14. Table cloth
15. Bed sheets and comforter
16. Suitcase (Men)

Enjoy the holidays!


Tey said...

I do most of shopping online because it is so frustrating to shop with too many people around.. Merry xmas Marly
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Abraham said...

May god bless u and ur family to be happy & smile like this christmas every year..
can u pls give me link for my blog..atlest do visit my blog once..thnx & tc..

mharms said...

@ Tey and Abraham
yes i do online shopping also..happy holidays to you :)