Dec 27, 2012

My Mom Needs A New Refrigerator

My mom and me at the apartment.  Taken during our vacation in the Philippines.

This is me and my mom at the apartment that they are renting right now.  It is a two-storey apartment with two bedrooms and one bath.  The size of the place is not that big.  Every section of is is very small.  But I am happy that my parents found a place to move in after that unpleasant incident two years ago.

In the photo, I was frying pork chops for lunch.  If you have noticed, the meat is big.  The cut was like an inch thick!  There's no exhaust fan in the kitchen so the smoke from the cooking was all over the house.  My mom said that it goes away quickly with the help of the breeze from the outside.  I saw that the refrigerator has spots of rust around it.  It looks really nasty and dirty.  My mom needs a new refrigerator.  Any sponsor?

Dec 25, 2012

Embarrassing Moment

What's scary when you come home from running around town is when there's a part of your house goes wrong and you panic because you don't know what to do.  An example of this incident is locking yourself out and the malfunction of the lock is severe.  In this situation, you will be needing the help of a professional locksmith.  I know there are some people out  there who experienced this type of embarrassing situation.  

Local locksmith Calgary services can give assistance to those who have problems with house locks or even in cars'.  In some cases, there are people who get themselves locked out from their cars because of some sort of malfunction.  Locksmith Calgary nw helps the general public be aware of how to solve this problem.  It is a very frustrating experience and embarrassing as well.  

I remember from our vacation five years ago that our hotel room's door did not open one time.  We got locked out.  My husband was a upset because of the inconvenience.  I was too.  The hotel staff did their best to get the door fixed.  That was really scary.  What if we got locked in and something horrible happened?  We'll be trapped. It is always recommended to always check the hotel rooms' door knobs for safety and security.

Dec 6, 2012

Small Party At Our Humble Home

There's no big party for Kaye's 2nd birthday.  My honey and I agreed to have just a small dinner here at home.  I do not have much time to host.  I did not even decorate for the occasion.  It was just totally simple.  Because we are leaving in three days, a simple get-together with my cousin and her family was great.

I did not cook any food for the small party today.  My friend made four dishes for me.  Of course I paid her $25 per dish.  And she included a free dessert which I thought was a very nice gesture.  So Kaye's birthday party was celebrated successfully at our humble home.  And the most important part of the occasion is that Kaye had fun, as usual, playing with her cousin Claire.

Next big event is...vacation.