Apr 30, 2011

What Princess Kate And I Have In Common?

Although I did not make it to attending the Royal Wedding in London because of a personal commitment, I enjoyed watching it on television in the comfort of my home.  Why not?  It is a part of the world's history.  This is one of the big advantages of technology.  Witnessing one of the most important event of the century thru satellite.  

The wedding was solemnly held at Westminster Abbey in London.  Huge crowd witnessed the ceremony.  I admire how organized and well-controlled the crowd was.  Prince William looked very handsome in his attire.  The bride, Kate Middleton, looked very lovely in her wonderfully made wedding gown. 

Oh, you know what?  Princess Kate and I have two things in common.  She was wearing a tiara on her wedding day...I was too.  And, we are both Spring brides.

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Apr 27, 2011

Busy Week Ahead

Woah!  It will be a very busy week for us starting Monday, mainly for doctor's appointments (dentist, pediatrician, health department).  Why oh why they were scheduled in the same week?  I have no idea what happened here.  I guess I should reschedule one appointment couple of weeks later so my honey will not have to get two days off in a row.  He can work at home, but he decided not to.

I wish doctors' offices are open and accept patients on a Saturday.  That would really help a lot.

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In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

There is nothing better than being in the comfort of your own home - sitting on the couch watching television, cooking in your own kitchen, sleeping and relaxing in your own bedroom.  Of course, whatever you do, you do it with ease because you are familiar with every thing in the house.  We have been anticipating to be in our home until the big move last year.  

In the middle of uncertainty, we went house hunting.  We looked for an ideal home in the big city and searched online for affordable houses.  Some offered free foreclosures listing resources.  The concern was, we are uncertain with what's gonna happen.  A friend suggested to check on Real Estate Owned Foreclosures, which is kinda interesting.  So we tried the online free REO Foreclosures search.  It was very helpful.  The service was free and the listings are very informative.

But after those endless searching, my husband made a wonderful idea so we can move back to the house.  The blessing was upon us because everything worked out.  Now we are enjoying the comfort of our home.

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Apr 26, 2011

Scaring Myself

'Been watching scary shows on television recently.  I don't know but I like The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Dark Side, The Outer Limits, and others.  These shows are playing on Chiller Channel in Directv.  Well, these shows are quite old but I like watching them.

The problem is, I will have bad dreams after seeing a very frightening episode.  It is weird...right?

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Apr 25, 2011

Discount On Printer Inks

As I was printing online coupons today, I noticed that the prints are getting lighter and lighter.  That only reminds me that my printer ink is close to finishing out.  

But I do not worry about it too much because I can order inkjet cartridges at for a fast delivery.  Besides the fast service, their cheap ink goes a long way on my printer.  They also supply various types of printer inks in large quantity orders.  In fact, they offer discounts on orders above the minimum quantity.

This has been very helpful to me because I am able to save money on printer inks.

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Apr 24, 2011

Review On Google Chrome

Since the new browser Chrome has been launched, I did not get the chance to try it until now.  I downloaded it and, as of the moment, using it.  Its features are simple that the navigation on windows are easy.  I am liking it because it loads faster (unlike IE).  I can open multiple windows without crashing.  When I am on the Internet, I multi-task.  So I love fast responding browser. 

Privacy and security setting is very important to Internet users like me.  And in Google Chrome, your online activities are secure too.

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Web Hosting For Blogs

I am so happy that my cousin continued what she had started a year ago.  We talked about it a couple of times but we both got busy with our personal and family lives the last few months.  Now we are back on track.

Besides tending with our family, including the newborns, online tasks are keeping us busy as of the moment.  We are into blogging now.  I started blogging two years ago and I find it an interesting hobby.  It has been a helping hobby to me since I started two years ago.  It is enjoyable too because you got to learn writing skills and meet new friends not only from your own country but from other parts of the world also.  There are plenty of things you will learn in blogging, that includes SEO or Search Engine Optimization (for your blog or websites status in search engines), web hosting, coding, and monetizing.  

My cousin is a newbie, so she still needs helpful tips from other bloggers who have become experts on this.  I have been blogging for two years but what I knew is not enough.  There are lots of ideas out there to learn.  As she continues, I encouraged her to have her blog hosted.  One of the advantages of a self-hosted blog is it gains more popularity and the chance of getting online job opportunities is better. In this connection, monetizing her blog will be easier too.  Hostmonster has the webhosting service that a blogger can rely on.  Its reviews are remarkable.  My cousin has to check this out.  And if we agree, we can sign up for this together.

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Apr 23, 2011

Golden Wedding Anniversary

What a wonderful dinner!  My parents-in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration was successful.  Like in all the special occasions, all members of the family were here (Tyler).  Mom always does a great job cooking.  And has been the tradition Dad will cut the turkey meat.  And hey, my sister-in-law's cake was awesome too!

Everybody enjoyed dinner.  The little ones had fun playing and mingling with the adults.  My little one had a great time too.  Although she was showing signs of tiredness, she's just not giving up.  But now she is sound asleep after I fed her with rice cereal and milk.

I love it when families get together especially on a very special occasion like this.

Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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The Convenience Of An Online Event Management

Family occasions such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays are very important.  Hence there has to be an organized party. 

In love lives today, we rely most of our activites on the Internet.  It is undeniable that most of our family and friends are online people.  So when organizing a party or an event, invitations sent through email or an online event management website is quite practical.  And if a formal invitation should be sent in the mail, it would not cost you much.  It is kinda of a neat idea.  And for birthday celebrations, you will find various theme party ideas online.  Your planned party or gathering will become a memorable one with the help of an event manager.

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Apr 22, 2011

My Own Passage For The Lenten Season 2011

We are passers by in this world. And on our journey, we encounter storms, testing our faith. Have we done good deeds to others? A man's mind has many distractions in it. And those distractions lead to sins. Our Father's love has been given to those who heartily ask for His forgiveness in Jesus' name.

Have a blessed Lenten Season.

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Apr 20, 2011

Brand New Television...Please.

Oh, not for now. 'Still have obligations to finish. Huge ones! *Even though this thing really aggravates us, we have to lengthen the string of patience. It is going on and off every time it is turned on. I can hear the sound but don't see nothing!

I hope the issue with the insurance and hospital billing department will get a complete, clear result so we know where we're at when it comes to payment. In this connection, a few plans lay ahead. *We need to get a new television! That's one.

Like I said, we have to finish these obligations before we can buy a brand new tv.

But, sponsors are welcome. :)

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Apr 19, 2011

Become An Affiliate And Earn

With this college high tuition fee, who wouldn't have a hole in the pocket? Aside from that, there are school requirements for the course and a budget for the monthly allowance. Every thing you do requires money. Sometimes I get to think of going back to work so I can help support my sister's financial needs in school. But I cannot do it right now. The little individual still needs my full attention.

Whenever there is a financial issue like this, offers come to me. I know payday loan leads to assisting me on this. But there is another way of acquiring money without compromising your future.

With Blue Global Media, the chance of earning extra income is high. Joining an affiliate network is not bad at all. Just provide people with proper information about cash advance affiliate program plus a knowledge in marketing, you will start earning.

Ah! I wish I have the guts.

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Apr 18, 2011

Summer Class

My little sister is taking summer classes. She went ahead and enrolled three subjects. Thankfully she passed Anatomy this year. My honey and I are so proud. I know it is very difficult because the subject requires good memorization.

There is a type of nursing book that my sister would like to have because it would be very helpful to her. The problem is, it can only be found in huge book stores. And those stores are located in other farther big cities. The possible solution is to have somebody from the school's nursing department buy the books the students need for the semester. And they will just give the amount of money needed for the books. In fact, my sister told me that this matter was mentioned at their orientation.

I am looking forward to knowing if my sister gets the book or not.

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Apr 16, 2011

Healthcare Career

For sometime now I have been thinking of acquiring a degree where I can pursue a career in healthcare. I know the competition in this field is tough, but many are still pursuing it.

In my situation, putting my plan into action is not easy. I am a full time mom and wife. But I have goals too. It is very convenient, though, to study online degree programs. Besides saving money from gas, time can be managed nicely. Online degree programs in healthcare is achievable if you have dedication. Anything can.

Honestly, I am not sure if I can do this. I am not stable financially and there is a big priority in life. Another thing, I have to check for more information on student aids.

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Apr 15, 2011

Cheap Hotel Accommodation Is A Privilege

Tomorrow we will go to Oklahoma to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. It has become our tradition to drive there and play for a while. We only do this once a year you know.

I booked the hotel room seven days in advance so we will not have a last minute hassle. Surprisingly, the room rate is still the same as what it was a year ago. I am so glad! After all, we are players' club members and this is one of the privileges.

The place is only an hour away from the house. So it will not be an exhausting travel for us.

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Apr 13, 2011

Good Appetite

Thanks much to my cousin, of General Ideas, for giving me some fried danggit. I ate them all! Haha! Whenever fried dried fish is my ulam (viand), I cannot resist eating plenty of rice. Good appetite comes to me, especially when the sauce is a mixture of vinegar and minced garlic. Ooh boy. 'Won't think of losing weight on this. Great!

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Apr 11, 2011

Saving For Vacation

Many are asking (including my family) when our vacation to the Philippines will be. Some wants to see us, others just want to know. Our plan is within the last quarter of next year. Although it is quite a long time to wait, I am pretty excited about it. In fact, I am starting to check on rates and flights schedule.

Our vacation a year and a half ago was wonderful! We booked for cheap flights four months ahead of schedule. And surely we got the cheapest rates. I am hoping we will be lucky and get great deal on international airfares next year too. That way our we will be able to use our savings on buying pasalubong and treating my family to very nice dinners.

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Apr 10, 2011

Sleeping Well

My daughter sleeps in her crib very good. This is the third night she's is sleeping in her bedroom, which is nice. That means she is comfortable in her room. She have outgrown the bassinet already. I am doing my best to keep the consistency of our routine so everybody is gonna be happy. I love it!

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Ideal Restaurant

The reason why one of my girl friends plan of putting up a restaurant is that, the location is unclear. Though she is willing to lease, the area she looked at seems unsuitable to her ideal customers.

She requested me to gather information on price comparison on restaurant equipment. Not an easy thing to do, I know. But I successfully provided her the information she wanted. She studied the details carefully. Another thing she's concerned about is the kitchen equipment price comparison. One supplier has the appealing price but my friend still has to make up her mind on the proper location.

Restaurant equipment price comparison helps in deciding where you can save. There are huge selection of kitchen equipment, but only in price comparison on kitchen equipment can you have a piece of mind on choosing the right one...especially if you are into energy saving.

My friend needs more support right now. Go for it girl!

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Apr 9, 2011

Fussiness At Big Daddy's

I was craving pork barbeque for dinner. I thought of Big Daddy's because we passed by it when we picked up the portraits this afternoon at JCP in Rockwall. Finally we had our portraits done after the disappointment we had from the other JCP store.

Anyway, the plan was to dine in at Big Daddy's. But the restaurant was fully occupied. And my little daughter, all of a sudden, got fussy. Surely it's because of the vaccination she had yesterday. And the place is kinda loud-cow bells banging whenever somebody is entering and exiting and a crew pours crushed ice in the soda machine. Baby startles and cries. So we agreed to order to go.

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Apr 7, 2011

Second Round Of Shots

My daughter was given shots again today second round of the vaccination she had two months ago. She cried to the max again. The first time she got her vaccines, my baby had slight fever. Infant Tylenol helped in relieving the pain and fever.

From work, my honey had to meet us at the doctor's office. I thought of stopping in a restaurant for lunch but it was almost time for our appointment. So I just snacked a little. After the doctor's visit we went to see my cousin and her family in Plano.

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Apr 3, 2011

Digging In For A Pan

I cooked dinner this evening. It was just a simple pasta dish from my recipe calendar. As I was preparing, I had a hard time finding the skillet that I wanted to use. Inside my kitchen cabinets are cluttered pots and pans. I have to dig in there just to get one. So unorganized.

The idea of enclume pot racks comes to mind. But where will I put the rack? I have no space. And if I want it hanging, it is going to be a huge work. And I am not sure hanging enclume potracks will work for me. I like my pots and pans to be within my reach. Freestanding enclume pot rack might be nice.

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Another Precious Moment

Oh April is here! Our wedding anniversary is two weeks away. We better book a hotel room soon. If not, we might end up in last minute preparation. Out-of-State travel again and, this time, we are traveling with baby. It is not a big celebration, but it is going to be one of the precious moments in my life.

Three years of marriage but still in the adjustment period. Days gone so fast. No complains. I am happy.

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Apr 2, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: Sprout, Sprouts, Sprouting

So here they are. The tomato seeds are now showing their potential of making it to the plots. But we will wait after the end of April before we transfer them...right after the last freeze.

This evening my honey and I we picked the herb seeds that we want to plant. Some seeds need soaking so they are in little bowls as of the moment. He will plant them in the tiny pots tomorrow.

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