Jul 31, 2011

Family's First Summer Getaway

It was a family getaway with my MIL.  We went to Oklahoma.  And it was my daughter's first summer outing too.  We went swimming.  She enjoyed swimming in the pool.  

There was a young boy playing with her in the pool.  He kept on moving closer to my little girl.  Of course, we did not like what the boy was doing.  When the young boy went away, my honey and I splashed in the water and played with our daughter.  There's a waterfall in the middle of the kiddie pool and she liked going there.

When the young boy came back and played with my baby girl, she wanted to kiss him now.  Hahaha!  I think that was funny because the young boy did not want to.  Cute.

The hotel resort is very accommodating.  The room rates are reasonable for a two-day weekend stay.  We were glad to have our booking confirmed because there were few rooms left in the last weekend of July.  Whew!  The resort is only an about an hour drive from where we live.  While I was walking at the hotel lobby, guests are coming in and the counter clerks are very busy checking them in.  At the lobby, there is a sculpted buffalo.  The water falls behind it dances with the light music playing in the background.

As usual, we "donated" something to the Indians during our stay. :)

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Jul 29, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: Remotely Devoted

I titled my Weekend Snapshot entry to "Remotely Devoted" because...just look at these remotes!  We are using three at the moment. 
Six days ago we ordered a new television online.  Before that, we shopped three different stores to compare prices.  But what my husband saw online was unbelievably affordable because the price of the flat-screen tv we saw online is reasonably cheaper than the stores', and we are getting a home theater system.  What a deal!

Like I said, we are using three remote controls as of the moment.  The direct tv functions have to be programmed so we will only use one remote control for the television. We are excited about our new home theater system.

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Jul 23, 2011

Natural Architecture

Strong bridges don't necessarily have to be guilty from steel and cement.  For that matter, they don't even have to be built.  In northeastern India, amazingly strong bridges are grown using the roots of rubber trees.  the rubber tree roots are guided to the other side of the river using hollowed our betel-tree trunks.  Once there, the roots start growing in the soil.  After about 10 or 15 years, a functional bridge is formed.  Another type of natural bridge is foudn in Japan's Ilya Valley.  There, bridges are made from growing and weaving long lengths of the exceptionally strong Visteria vine.  Some of these vine bridges are thought to have gotten their start in the 12th century.

Interesting huh?

Coffee News Wylie Edition Vol. 4, No. 21
July 18, 2011
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Jul 20, 2011

"Don't Hop Away Bunny!"

After the dinner at the Mexican Restaurant we drove to the lake couple of miles away from our neighborhood.  And while on our way home, we saw a bunny on the side of the road.  He seemed very tamed so stepped out of the car and tried to take a couple of pictures of the bunny.  I thought he's gonna hop away when I got closer but he didn't!  My honey said it's rare to see a bunny so tamed like this one.

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Jul 17, 2011

That's Not Cheap!

I thought I lost it.  'Been looking for my sunglasses last night all over the house, even in the car, and still could not find it.  I spent a long time thinking where and when was the last time I used my sunglasses.  That was not cheap, you know.  My honey gave it to me.  Then I remembered the other night I went to Target.  But pretty sure my sunglasses was with me because the sun is still bright at eight o'clock in the evening.

Before I went to bed, I tried looking again in the car.  I looked under the seats...none.  I opened the glove compartment and surprisingly the sunglasses is there!  Relieved.  Oh I went to bed happy.

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Jul 11, 2011

Parents' Place

My parents bought this old beach house back in the 1950s and when they died I inherited it. I know it sounds like a great deal but the thing was practically falling apart and it needed thousands of dollars’ worth of work to even become inhabitable. My husband and I have spent the last two years turning it into the vacation house of our dreams and doing restoration and I think this summer will be the first time we really get to live in it and enjoy it which I’m really excited about! We decided it would be great if we could rent it out and make a little extra income off it when we’re not there so we had to update the furniture and install internet, which we looked into at WILDBLUEDEALS.Com. Now that it’s in tip top shape I don’t mind having people over and some of those people don’t even seem to mind paying for the privilege! It’s nice being back by the water again even if it was a total ordeal getting it all together…

This guest post from Werner Rogers

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Jul 3, 2011

4th Of July Get-Together

It is going to be fun 4th of July celebration tomorrow.  BIL and his family will come over to shoot fireworks.  My cousin and her family will be visiting too.  Oh it is gonna be nice.  We will have barbeque for the get-together. It will be my cousin's first experience to shoot fireworks.  Mine was three years ago.  It's scary but the excitement is there.

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