Oct 30, 2012

Took A Long Time Shopping

Tomorrow's Halloween and I just bought some candies today.  I don't have real pumpkins for decoration or anything but I have home decor and a center piece.  There are small scarecrows that I bought from Walmart but my little cousin took them home the other day when she came over for the visit for play a play time with my darling daughter.

It took me a long time shopping for a Halloween costume.  Actually, I spent about a couple of months looking for a costume for my darling daughter.  It wasn't easy because I had to see what's cute and cheap Halloween costume for toddlers.  Gladly, the costume that I have been watching for some time now was sold at Walmart and I got one for $7.95.  Not bad for a one-time wear huh?

So we're ready for the kids' Trick or Treat tomorrow.  There are lots of treats to give to every child who knocks at the door.

Oct 6, 2012

Lemon Pie And Coffee

It's a cozy celebration.  Honey's special day is always simple.  Either we go to his parents' house of they would come over to spend the weekend with us.  This time, we went to see his parents and spent the weekend with them.  My mom-in-law made his favorite lemon pie.  It was a simple birthday dinner with a delicious dessert paired with coffee. 

Oct 5, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Rainy Birthday Weekend

It was my honey's birthday weekend and we were heading to his parent's house Saturday. I asked him to drive because it started raining already when we were leaving.  I am not too confident driving for hours when it is raining.  Along the way, I took a few pictures outside. 

Rain drops on my window.

Cows under the trees.  Because of the car's speed, they're unrecognizable for a quick snap.

Three minutes to my in-laws' house and look how heavy the rain was.

Oct 4, 2012

New Work Shoes For Hubby

It's my honey's birthday and gladly, I was able to find something special as a birthday gift.  He has been planning to buy a pair of work shoes but couldn't get the chance to go to the store.  Well, this will be surprise to him since he didn't notice any sign that I am preparing for his birthday celebration.  

I thought it is time to replace the old work shoes.  So what I got him is a pair of Fila athletic shoes that he can wear to work.  Though this brand of athletic shoes hardly go on sale, I got a good deal at my less favorite department store the other day.  I thought I won't be able to find the right size but luckily the store has it.

 My husband liked the new shoes.  "Finally, I can get rid of the shoes I am wearing for two years," he said.

Happy birthday, Honey!