Feb 27, 2014

Illumination Solutions For Aviation Facilities

Airports depend on advanced systems of lighting that can provide the proper illumination for everyone involved including the aircraft, workers and passengers. Special lighting solutions are available in order to follow all laws and regulations required for aviation facilities. For example, the runways of airports need to be well lit 24 hours per day. Special lighting fixtures are powerful enough to penetrate through fog and other conditions that come with poor visibility like smoke. Lighting systems in airports are used to control air traffic properly. Airplanes that take off and land need to see visible lighting fixtures on the runways at all times. Pilots should be able to visualize the facilities and runways of an airport from several miles away on a day or night with clear visibility. 

The concrete or asphalt runways of airports are lined with small lighting fixtures that are lit at night in order to guide airplanes for take off or landing. An aircraft needs to roll for thousands of feet in order to get to the terminals or hangars. Small LED lights are lined up by the hundreds or even thousands in order to keep an aircraft in sync with the markings on the concrete. Hazard lights are also installed directly on the runways of airports. These lights usually come in large and thick cylindrical shapes that emit colorful light in all directions. Red housings are commonly used in hazard light fixtures to signal signs of distress and danger for incoming and outgoing aircraft. 

Airport workers also use special flares for various applications. For example, the ground service crew may hold multiple colored flares that are used to guide aircraft through a runway. Cone markers are some other simple but very important lighting solutions for airports. These cones have specific color schemes that act as traffic signs on the ground of an airport. Cones also have reflective properties as to be visible from far away when an aircraft approaches. Trying to find airport lighting is an example of an important task for any aviation facility administration.

Modern airports use contemporary technology in lighting solutions. For example, solar powered lights can be installed directly onto the roofs of control towers or runways. The solar panels can capture enough energy to power bulbs and lamps all night long in an airport. Additionally, solar panels can be used to collect electricity for traditional lighting fixtures at airport facilities.

Feb 24, 2014

Big Party With Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pig)

My girl friend threw a birthday party for her husband at their house.  She invited us to come over.  Gladly we did not have any thing planned yesterday so we were able to attend her husband's birthday party.  

We don't want to go without something to bring for the celebrant.  My friend said her husband likes wine.  So we bought a red wine to bring to the party.  Fancy red wine seems to be his preference. 

Fancy red wines.

Darling daughter was fascinated with the roasted pig.  It's the first time she saw one.
It was a big celebration.  They ordered a roasted pig (lechon baboy).  It was so delicious!  The skin was so crispy and the meat was so tasty.  Of course, all the food was yummy!  I saw the rest of my friends there.  It was nice to see everyone!

Feb 22, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Post-Valentine's Day Lunch And Kids Play Time

Oh so lovely!
Beautiful table setting for the occasion.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Me and my beautiful friend having post-Valentine's Day lunch at her house.
It's kids' play time at my friend's house last Saturday.  My darling daughter was so happy to see my friend's daughters.  My friend prepared a delicious meal for lunch, and her Valentine's Day decorations were still up so it was like we're eating lunch at a restaurant because the table setting was so pretty!  And the red wine complimented the very tasty meal.

Feb 20, 2014

A Breezy Afternoon At The Playground

I had no idea how breezy and cool it was today until my darling daughter and I stopped by to spend some time in the playground after the story time at the library.  I didn't have a sweater on.  I saw moms and children wearing their jackets having fun playing in the playground while I was shivering cold.  Good thing I had DD's jacket in the car.  So I put it on her so she won't get cold while running around the playground playing tag with other kids as the breeze was blowing so cold on our faces.

That's always my problem - being forgetful.  I keep forgetting to leave an extra jacket in the car for me to use when the weather suddenly gets cold.  I hate myself for that.  Situations like that makes me uncomfortable. *sigh*

But I let my daughter play for about an hour and a half because she has been asking me about going to the playground.  Somehow I was feeling happy because she's having a great time playing, swinging, and sliding.

Feb 16, 2014

Birthday Presents From Friends And Loved Ones

My birthday presents. :)
My birthday presents ;) I had a great time on my birthday.  My husband let me go to Oklahoma for some entertainment that morning of my birthday.  It was so enjoyable that I stayed there until eight o'clock in the evening.  I received a bouquet of flowers and greeting cards from friends and loved ones.  A few things I didn't expect was the watch (from cousin), the Versace Eau de Toilette and Versace perfumed lotion, and the $$$ cash from my dear husband's parents.

I posted the Versace perfume in my wishlist.  My husband bought it for me and gave it to me that evening when I got home from Oklahoma.  The perfumed lotion was also a surprise because it was in a package on my doorstep two days after my birthday.  I didn't have a clue who'd give it to me until I read note at the back of shipping label saying it's from my close friend.  Awww!  I gave her a call right away!

Feb 14, 2014

Weekend Snapshot: Our Happy V!

Our Happy Valentine's Day greetings and chocolates.  
Guess which chocolate belongs to me? ;)

Like I said, we didn't have something big going on Valentine's Day.  I tidied up the house a little bit to get rid of clutters and went to the grocery store to buy a greeting card and Hershey's Kisses chocolates for my dear husband. For most of us, February 14 is the special day of the month.

On his way home, he called and asked me if I want to go out for dinner.  I said I want to dine in at a restaurant nearby because the traffic will be bad for sure.  And so, my family and I had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant just three miles from the house.

How about you?  What did you do and where did you go on Valentine's Day?

Fabulous Prom Dresses You Don't Want To Miss

Well, here it is again - the prom season.  Young ladies and gents couldn't wait for this occasion.  In the US, this is when the prom ball is held before the school year ends.  Guys don't have the hard time shopping for prom attire than ladies.  

For those who are looking for prom dresses for cheap, you can find prom dresses for sale online from in very affordable prices than anywhere else.  So many selection of sophisticated and elegant dresses that you won't want to miss.  If you are tall, this prom dress might suit your personality.

A very beautiful pink asymmetrical design hemline that is not overly done. This dress will make you look dainty and sexy as well.  For instance, I might buy this dress for my niece for her 18th birthday.  :)

For short ladies like me, wearing a mini-dress is recommended as this will emphasize the legs.  With the proper pair of heeled shoes, this prom dress will look stunning on you.  I like wearing a mini-dress.  This one is my type. 

I will show these to my aunt who is looking for a prom dress for her daughter.  She will shop here for sure.

Feb 10, 2014

Loving You's The Right Thing To Do by Carly Simon

I really love this song...makes me fall in love over and over again with my honey. :)

The very first time I saw her on television was in Piglet's Big Movie. She was singing With A Few Good Friends song. 

I asked my husband who's the singer he said "She's Carly Simon. You don't know her?" 

"Her voice is familiar," I said. Well, that's why her voice was familiar to me.

Feb 6, 2014

Yay! We Got Some Snow Today!

It snows in Texas today.  Winter in Texas is complete experienced snow again this year.  :)  It was 17F early this morning and I didn't know it was snowing until I opened the window from darling daughter's bedroom.  I was so excited and I told DD about it.  She wanted to go out right away.  But we waited for the snow to accumulate and get thicker so I can let her make a snow angel.  And she did.  DD was so happy to see and play in the snow.

I thought we won't get any snow this year because it's already late for the winter season.  But still there's possibility because it's not Spring yet.  I bundled DD with three layers of clothing.  The third clothing on her is the winter jacket, fleece pants, snow boots, and gloves.  I was very confident that she was comfortable and the winter clothes kept her warm.  The snow flakes and cold breeze on her face made her nose run though.  

But we had fun playing for a little while in the snow.  At least Mother Nature has given Texas some of her snow before the winter ends.

Darling daughter's first snow angel.
Our first photo in the snow in 2014.

Feb 3, 2014

Pure Luck, Hard Work, And Great Skill In Business

Who doesn't want his or her business to boom and become a success?  No one.  We all look forward to having a very successful business.  Not all people are born with business skills.  Only those who are determined, skillful, and diligent are merely the ones who succeed.  

I know someone in my family who is now enjoying the fruit of his labor in keeping up his own business.  He didn't have a degree in college of some sort.  But he manages to maintain it to the best of his ability.  What's his secret?  He never passes the opportunity to get potential customers.  In social gatherings, he tries to exchange contact information.  From that, he gets customers and referrals.  Great huh?  And he constantly reading guides from a marketing website helps him with direct marketing campaigns for his business as well.

Helpful business resources can be found online to guide us through.  Brainstorming is very important because it helps us analyze the pros and cons.  We will encounter a few problems as our businesses are progressing but we need to be open to suggestions and criticisms.  From there we can find the best answer or solution to the problem.  Successful business is not only gained by pure luck, it's also gained by hard work and knowledge in the field.

Feb 1, 2014

Hello February!

Hello February!  What's gonna be our plans this month?  Well, Valentine's Day is coming in two weeks.  My husband was like "Oh no!  I have two girls now for Valentine's Day."  Hahaha!  He's funny.  I don't have anything big planned for V-Day.  Like usual, we will have dinner in a restaurant.  Maybe movie date too?  Not sure yet because I haven't thought much about that.  We'll see.

What's your plans on Valentine's Day?