Mar 31, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Camping At The Park

Photo courtesy of my friend RJ.

We had a wonderful time at the birthday party this afternoon.  It was held at the lake in East Fork Park Wylie.  The kids had fun egg hunting too.  The eggs had chocolates and money inside.  Lots of eggs scattered all over the place and in the grass.  After the big party and egg hunting, some of my friends including the hosts stayed at the park for camping.  Sure I have thought of staying but my daughter is not old enough to take for a camp out.

chocolates and candies

Mar 30, 2012

Love it!

Posted by Arden Wallace

I went to when I bought this house because I was NOT going to overpay for my energy. I’ve been overpaying for things my whole life and the last few months have really seen me getting into it when it came to couponing and saving money where I could. I think it’s important to be fiscally sound because there are so many things that could come up any day that would really decimate your savings if you’re not careful. I want to make sure that if my fridge breaks or if someone in my family needs money that I have it to give so I’ve been cutting back where I can to make sure I’ve got enough. I try to tithe to the church like I’m supposed to and I’ve been working on saving at least 10% of everything I make because that’s enough to make me feel sound. I want to be a responsible adult because I try to be the best example I can for the kids I’m around (I’m a teacher.)

Mar 25, 2012

Shockingly, Horrible!

The truck in the picture and the car behind it are towed because more than 30 minutes ago, they were involved in a very shocking wreck.  Thew view is from our dining window.  

I heard a loud PAK!  And when I turned my eyes where the noise was, I saw the truck flew and rolled twice in the air before it landed on the ground.  Good thing it did not land upside side down.  It was shockingly horrible!  Then we called 911, I guess the other witnesses already did because we heard sirens.  I saw someone was running while carrying a child.  My husband said the child was in  the truck and the driver was his mother.  Authorities had difficulty opening the door of the truck.  

What I remembered, from the glimpse of my eyes, there was a vehicle running very fast from the opposite lane.  Then I heard that collision.  My husband said that the car was in the middle of the road.  Maybe got caught by the red light.  Gosh!  Traffic lights were built there to help control the traffic for road safety.  Hopefully their vehicles have insurance.  According to my husband nobody's dead.  The child was in shock.  The victims were immediately given medical attention in the ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital.  

This accident is one of the few that happened in that intersection.  I hope there will be no more.

Mar 24, 2012

The Leaks Have Gone Worse

My honey is very frustrated because there's a big leak mark in the ceiling in the guestroom.  He thought it was already fixed when he went up on the roof few days ago.  But when the storm came, the leak just got worse. From the ceiling, the leak marks ran down to the wall.  It looks really terrible.  

We need to get this leak problem fixed.  Something is not right on how the roof vents are done.  It needs a professional service and repair.  Like I said before, our house needs repainting, redecorating, and repairs.  Spring season is the best time to do all of these.  It is going to be a busy year for the house and for us too.

Mar 23, 2012

Mhar's Wish List

Just for fun, I would like to share my personal wishlist.  I will keep on updating this whenever something's changed and if one or more are granted.

1.  Car - granted 2009
2.  Laptop - granted 2010
3.  Baby - granted 2010 and she's 15 months now...adorable toddler
4.  Designer handbag
5.  iPhone
6.  family vacation - it'll be soon!
7.  digital camera - granted 2009, but needs to upgrade :)
8.  to go back to school
9.  online business
10.  bracelet
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Mar 22, 2012

Lucky Getting The Car

I remember three years ago when we were shopping for a car.  We went to several car dealers in the Metro.  My honey and I visited the nearby cities to check what's in store.  My FIL helped with the car shopping too. It is very helpful to have someone knowledgeable in looking or shopping for used cars - checking the mileage, history, and of course the pricing.  Because every car we were interested at were nice, one of the factors that can help us figure out which one to buy is to read reviews.

Checking with the Trusted Dealers also gave us the idea what car to get.  We looked online for car dealers and reading reviews on each car that we found interesting.  Our situation was the same as with my friend's who is working in the UK now.  She needed to buy car and had a hard time shopping because of her work schedule. She got lucky at because she was able to buy a beautiful sedan.

Honestly, we couldn't afford to buy a brand new car so a nice pre-owned vehicle was purchased.  Actually my FIL found it for us.  The car had positive feedbacks.  The mileage was very low because it was only driven for seven weeks.  The price was reasonable and our bank gave us a very low interest rate.  We were so lucky getting the car.  Now I enjoy driving it wherever I go.  I liked the features and the interior space.  And oh, that was my honey's gift to me on our 1st wedding anniversary.  Sweet, huh? 

Traditional And Modern Gifts For 4th Wedding Anniversary

I am loving the Spring weather so far.  Although the winds are kinda chilly, the sunshine and the lovely blooms bring happy feelings to me.  The green grass smells nice and the birds sing happily in the trees as they feel the breeze.  Most of all excitement comes to me as soon as the Spring comes because in April my honey and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  I was a Spring Bride you know.

Three weeks from now and it is our 4th wedding anniversary.  I am trying to think of something to give as a gift for my honey.  They said that the traditional gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary are fruits or flowers.  The modern gift ideas are appliances.  Well, I think I'll go with the modern.  I know what to buy.  The problem is, when I get excited like this, I might give a hint. 

How about you?  What do you love about Spring?

Believe In Effective Advertising

My previous job helped me become independent and resourceful.  I always get surprised inquiries from my boss.  There was a time I had to do ad layouts for the companies that are member of the organization.  That was a temporary task assigned to me because the company was in the process of finding an Advertising Agency.  My boss received many proposals.  And when he got to find the right one, my stress and lack of sleep were over.

Getting a service of an advertising agency to take care of all the ad materials is a very big advantage.  It is not only helping the business become known to the public, but also it makes the business confidently become more competitive.  As you know, any small advertising opportunity can help in many ways.  Products and services that are advertised on media and even on the Internet gathers more potential customers.  Any means of advertising can be helpful such as insertions, half page, full page, television, radio, links and the like.

That's what my boss did.  He also believes in the power of word-of-mouth.  I learned that a small ad can do lots of things.  People always find and try new products and services.  Competition in the market is very tight.  If you lack the skill and strategy, your business can boost with the help of advertising agencies.  They are responsible for bringing more audience/customers to your company.  They also execute good strategies in making your products and services gain the potentials they need.

Mar 18, 2012

Fixed The Leaks

According to the latest weather forecast, a story system is heading North Dallas and we will be experiencing heavy rains, flooding in some areas, and strong winds on Monday.  That's scary because we have plans for tomorrow.

My honey, with the help of his dad, sprayed the house against bugs and they did some yard work today.  Just in case the rain comes, the yard is clean and he does not have to mow next weekend.  He checked the whole house for leaks.  There is one in the guestroom.  My honey fixed it by replacing the caulk in one of the the joint pipes on the roof.

Everything, at least, was fixed and taken care of this weekend.  So we do not have to think about the leaks and others when the storm comes.

Beauty Enhancement

Looking great physically is a woman's pride and one of the privileges of being a woman is wearing makeup whenever, wherever.  Developing beauty enhancements has been a trend to women.  Those who can afford to buy high end makeup and facial care products have the advantage.  But how about women who couldn't? 

There are alternatives to become more pleasing and good looking.  The hottest trend in beauty enhancement now is permanent makeup.  I had friends back home who acquired a procedure of putting permanent eyebrows and eyelashes.  They seem to like it and I can say that it looks good on their faces.  Of course, before getting into this procedure, we have to think hard of this Permanent Makeup Barrie fits with our personality and appearance.  It is a matter of good outcome.  Being beautiful is the essence of a woman.  And we have the freedom of choice to choose what we think is best.

Mar 15, 2012

Handbag For Sale

Hello!  Here is what I want to sell - a gently used, in very great condition Authentic Coach handbag for sale.  Please see the details below:
Brand:  Coach 
Selling for:  $159.00 + shipping fee
Style:  Patent Leather Shoulder Bag
Silver tone hardware
Size: 10x2x7 measurements, strap drop is 11 1/2 convertible
Payment Accepted:  PayPal only

Flap top closure
Interior: 1 zip pocket &amp, 2 open pockets
Outside zip and flap pockets

It retails for $328.  This is a a very gorgeous purse for the price.  Just leave a comment or email me.  I will leave a comment in this post once the purse is sold.  For international buyers, please email me mgmarly at gmail dot com for shipping costs.  Thanks for looking.

Mar 12, 2012

Happy Spring Cleaning!

My honey and I were talking about cleaning up this coming Spring.  It has been a tradition to do Spring cleaning here.  We will do a big garage sale when the weather gets very nice one weekend.  I will join the neighborhood's yard sale too. We have lots of stuff to get rid of.  There are many things in the house that need replacement.  

For now, I am starting with my stuff.  Yes.  I need to get rid of unused personal items like handbags, shoes, and clothing.  Some of them are really nice and it kinda break my heart to give them away.  So, I am deciding to sell them whenever I get the chance.  For any amount I save from this activity will benefit my grandpa because he is maintaining a medication for an infection treatment.  And I am setting up a space on so y'all can check the other items for sale too. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Happy Spring cleaning!

Mar 11, 2012

Clogged Tub Drain

The bath tub in the the guest bathroom is clogged.  Again.  My honey said it might be because of hair.  I admit that take a shower in the guest bathroom.  It does not mean that I do not like our master's bath but, I like the pressure of the shower in the guest's bath better.

Last night I poured a liquid agent in the drain.  I waited 15 minutes for the agent to take effect.  After that I ran hot water to flush the chemical for five minutes.  I do not think there's a difference in draining like before.  Ah!  So frustrating.  I have to redo the process tonight when my husband gets home.  Or, I will just let him do it. :)

Maintaining a home needs patience and money.  Of course a little knowledge in plumbing, electrical, engineering and the like.  

Mar 9, 2012

Bonding With Cousin

It's Friday. My cousin and I usually get-together for bonding time on this day of the week. If we do not go to the mall for a shopping spree and dining out, we just spend the day either at her house or mine. Today we pretty much hang out at her place. While our little ones are busy playing in the kid's bedroom, my cousin and I have fun talking just about anything. It's been a year since her family moved in to their new home.  I am glad that I have a relative living close to me here in Texas.

Mar 8, 2012

I Decided Not To Go

I feel very tired and lazy today.  Plus the weather is bad, raining and windy.  Great.  I cannot drive on this weather with baby on board.  In fact, I am supposed to be attending a bridal and birthday party today but because of the stormy weather, I decided not to go.  

Anyway, I just thought of something fun to do so that my daughter will not get bored like me.  Gladly the lighting in the kitchen has been replaced and is bright enough to cover the living room.  I put a chair in the middle of the living room so baby can climb up and down and crawl under it.  Then we enjoyed bird watching by the window.  A flock of robins are feeding in the backyard.  Wind gust and pouring rain did not disturb them.  Birds all over the place.  In the front yard we saw a red head bird pecking on the tree.  When I showed my honey the picture, he said it's a red-head wood pecker.  Cool.  I love birds.

Mar 5, 2012

Enjoying The Fruit Of My Labor

Wee!  In two days I will be receiving payments for my online article writing tasks.  Yay!  Besides being a stress-relieving hobby, blogging is so much fun especially if you are earning.  I am blessed with opportunities.  Though time management is kind of critical right now, DAs trust my ability and diligence that I can deliver quality articles.  In addition, I also do this part time job to help my students back home.

I was in hiatus for about two years because of personal reasons (pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period).  Now, it's nice to be back-in blogging!  And I am enjoying the fruit of my labor.

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Mar 3, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: My Cookies

I have been craving for sweets lately.  Oops!  It's not what you think.  I am not pregnant. :)  My honey and I decided to control permanently.  Anyway, I baked some cookies this weekend.  Not from scratch but from a mix.  Plus, my new hand mixer is such a charm.  I am dependent with ready-mixed pastries.  And hmm, they're good.  My honey liked it. 

Mar 1, 2012