Feb 28, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Yellow Bug

This cute little bug is not a camera shy. It did not even bother to move, crawl, or fly when I was taking it's picture up close. Is it trying to eat my plant? Or is it a friendly bug?

Feb 27, 2010

Careless Move

I do not know if he feels bad about it but, I do. If I could have been more careful and smart, it would not happen. But, what was I thinking on lifting the toilet's tank lid (checking the tank's water shutter because the water kept on running inside) without removing the decor on it including the glass potpourri bowl. It was a careless move. When I was lifting the tank lid, the shells and soap petals did not move but the potpourri bowl quickly slid and landed on the tank's rusty corner, broke into chunks. I apologized to my husband immediately because I did not mean to drop the bowl and feel bad about it.

Now I need to buy a new glass potpourri bowl for the bathroom.

Feb 22, 2010

Proud Of Ourselves

Things accomplished in our three-day weekend:

1. Huge pile of laundry - Glad to finish them Friday.

2. Packed and shipped the two Balikbayan boxes (to the Philippines, yeah baby!) - From months of gathering and preparation, the two packages were finally shipped. The approximate delivery time to the Philippines is 45 days so my family will be receiving them mid-April.

3. Grocery shopping for the week - As usual, this is a weekly routine :)

4. Cleaned the kitchen - Actually, I did some scrubbing and wiping here. Then I started preparing supper after.

You know what? The big accomplishment for the week was the shipping of the two Balikbayan boxes. My honey and I have been planning their shipment since Christmas last year. We kept on forgetting because of the hectic schedules during the holidays. Anyway, the packages were shipped. Now my family, especially my niece and nephews, will be very anxious to receiving their presents.

My honey and I did not go somewhere we thought of going this weekend. We did a lot of important things instead. We are proud of ourselves :)

Feb 21, 2010

Your Easy Way Of Local Search

My honey and I like to eat in restaurants on special occasions and finding a place to dine in here in Fort Worth is not difficult. There are lots of local restaurants within the city. In fact, we went to Pappasito's on Valentine's Day.

Before our date, I went to a spa and pampered myself. I did not drive too far because the spa is just a few miles away from our apartment. Not more than 15 minutes and I arrived at my destination right there.

It is very convenient look at a local search directory online for establishments and services. It is because you will save much of your time, and it works as your local yellowpages on the Internet.

Feb 19, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Enjoying The Brightness Of The Day

Can you spot the bird? I took his picture after eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. It's a beautiful day and he's there relaxing, enjoying the warmth of the sun in the shade of the hedges by the restaurant.

Feb 18, 2010

Learning A Language Through Translation

Learning different languages is very interesting. It is amazing how language affects the people of a nation's bonding to each other. In my case, I only speak two languages. English and Filipino.

It takes a long time for me to understand other people's talking because their language is different than mine...Spanish for example. Though my country has a Spanish influence, I could not speak the language. We only speak some words it. It is one of the languages that I find interesting to learn. If I am remembering it right, we had a Spanish language curriculum in high school back home. But, sadly, it was abolished. Filipino is my mother tongue.

Here in the place where I work, I am having a hard time understanding Spanish whenever my co-employees (Mexicans) talk to each other. Some of them are my acquaintances already. They translate Spanish words to me so I know their meaning.

On the other hand, my husband wants to learn speaking Filipino. Whenever we are on vacation in the Philippines, my sister and I are his translators in family conversations. Now, he is beginning to understand Filipino words in translation. I, too, is interested in this online translation, that I newly learned, which will help me understand other languages.

On The Lighter Side #9: Color In Your Cheeks

What is the difference between inventory and money?
- Money is the stuff you can get rid of.

A husband is someone who is under the impression that he "bosses" the house, when in reality, he "houses" the boss.

Middle age is when narrow waist and the broad mind begin to change places.

Mother: "Eat your spinach. It will put color in your cheeks."
Son: "Who wants green cheeks?"

Doctors keep telling us to get lots of fresh air, but they never tell us where to find it.


Hope these made you smile today :)

Thanks to Coffee News, Fort Worth 9/21/09

Beautifying The Home And Garden

Spring time is the best time to start a garden or even put indoor plants in the house. Flowering plants are what I like the most. It is so enjoyable to see flowering plants blooming in the Spring.

If you are planning to beautify your garden, now is the right time to look for garden planters. Because a garden planter or an outdoor planter comes in different types and sizes, depending on your theme, you will be able to match some outdoor planters too. Indoor plants are pleasing to the eye. They bring freshness and coolness in the home. A plant lover like me can put indoor planters in coordination with decorative planters that will match our home theme decor.

Getting excited? Look for interesting pots and planters online and get those gardening hands going.

Wordless Wednesday: "He Went To Jared."

Feb 16, 2010

Your Type Of Investment

In general, women love jewelry. Fashion jewelry is the trend today, but I like real fine jewelry made preferably in gold. My honey said gold jewelry looks pretty with my fair complexion.

When we were on our vacation back home, we went to a jewelry store in Chinatown. He was looking for a pendant, I was looking for something else. He thought I do not like what he had chosen. Of course I loved the gold pendant he bought for me.

Owning gold jewelry is an investment too. Collecting different types of jewelry or accessories made in gold is valuable in times of need. But if you buy gold, make sure it is genuine. You can always check with Goldline International about this type of investment.

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What I Love About Traveling

What I love about traveling is that, I can always buy souvenirs. Yes that is right. I love giving gifts or pasalubong to my family and friends. It does not matter if the souvenirs are big or small. They are always happy to receive something from me.

I love getting gifts/pasalubong too. In fact, my friend N gave me this pink cap. They went to Chicago (where her husband's from) for a couple of days. When they came back, she called and told me that I have a present from her. She is a sweet girl :)

Feb 15, 2010

I Am Ready For Summer 1

As early as now, we are planning our summer vacation this year. In fact, we already have a destination in mind. Good timing for the plan because my cousin E and her husband is already back.

This year, our plan will be an out-of-state travel. Might be in the beaches of South Carolina. My cousin already searched the Myrtle Beach Hotel. To her it looks very accommodating. But Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel might be better, you think? I love the beach. And I would like to have a vacation with my cousin. Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels might be the good choice this time.

Feb 14, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: In The Snow, Valentine's Date

February 11, 2010 - It is cold and it's snowing! The forecast was right. When I woke up, I looked outside my window and saw the beautiful snow on cars, trees, and on the ground. The snow is falling like cotton balls from the sky. It's beautiful! I am thankful that Mother Nature still wants me to enjoy some of her snow before the winter ends.

Making a snow ball with bare hands. Brr!

Driving to work that morning.

The power outage the next day :(

February 14, 2010 - It is Valentine's Day. Yes, my honey liked the idea of us going to Downtown Fort Worth for a date. We ate at Pappasitto's Mexican Restaurant.

Red is the color of the day.

My Margarita Sangria

The feast. Lobster tail platter.

Of course, the Valentine's treat.

Nice Hot Shower And A Good Night Sleep

Happy V! So where is the date gonna be?

My husband and I had an advance Valentines date Friday night. We stayed in a hotel close by because our apartment still had no power until this morning. An overnight stay at Extended Hotels conveniently saved our day.

Anyway, it was a pretty convenient hotel to stay in because it has a small built-in stove top and a kitchen sink. The bathroom is nice too. The hotel provides Wi-Fi access but they are charging it per stay. It was just an overnight hotel accommodation but we had a really nice hot shower and a good night sleep.

Speaking of Valentine's date today, I am thinking of going to Downtown Fort Worth after I get off from work tonight. I hope my honey likes the idea.

Feb 13, 2010

Power Outage Today

The power suddenly went off at about one o'clock in the morning today! 'Still surfing the Internet when it happened. It was total black inside my apartment while it was very bright outside because of the snow. My husband was already sleeping on the couch. I woke him up and told him what's going on. I couldn't believe it. I was more annoyed than nervous. The alarm in the closet went off for like ten seconds. Is every one else in DFW having power problems or just us?

Feb 9, 2010

Something Significant

Plenty of time wasted when I am just sitting on the couch watching television in the morning of my day off. I could have cleaned my house (vacuum, sweep, and wipe), or do something significant to ease away boredom. But nothing really comes into mind today. Maybe later today I will be on my feet. Wait a minute! I just thought of cooking giniling (ground pork) with veggies for supper tonight. Great. See, I am thinking :)

Feb 7, 2010