May 31, 2009

High Class Quality Cars

We have been shopping for a car for months here in Fort Worth but nothing seems to be reasonable enough to buy. The car we were looking is for me.

My honey browsed the Internet for a couple of interesting cars. The Chevrolet Impala 2009 has 6.6 overall rating on it. Though it is a current model, he is not impressed with it. The Chevy Camaro is too sporty for me. It is more suitable for people who have active and sporty lifestyle. The Cadillac, on the other hand, has the style I like. But the pricing? I do not think I can afford it :) Anyway, my honey likes to check on high class brand cars. He was checking on a Lamborghini. He asked me if I would like to have a car like that. "That would be wonderful", I answered. Having an 8.8 overall rating on it, that is a catch. How much? Take a look and you will know.

Before My Instruction Permit Expires...

...I better continue practice driving now. It has been almost 10 months since I enrolled in a driving school last year. My Instruction Permit (IP) will expire on January next year and I want to take the road test before we travel for a vacation in the Philippines this year.

Yes. We are planning to travel back home. And my honey want me to take the road test as soon as I feel the comfort and confidence behind the wheel. The pleasant surprise came and I am very thankful to God for the blessings He is granting us.

May 30, 2009

Secure Your Future With Good Investment...Time Is Gold

Time is gold. I always believe in this wonderful saying. That is why I cherish and enjoy every moment, as much as possible. In this current economic situation, it is time for us to make a move to make our future stably progressive. You do not want to waste time. And if you like saving or investing for your future, you might want to put your investment to a very reliable industry in the world. Gold, for example, is a good investment.

But if you love collecting gold, there are many opportunities to buy gold in the market. You can buy gold bullion and sell it in any country at any time. The pleasing fact is that gold bullion coins are in demand to buyers today. There is a big money waiting for those who have the knowledge and strategy in buying and selling gold bullion. And if the time is right, the future is going to be secure.

May 29, 2009

Will Appreciate Her Company

Tired. That is the reason D kept on telling us.

I called my Filipina neighbor D to join us, me and N, for a swim yesterday. D said they were at the mall shopping for some "pasalubong" (gifts) to bring in the Philippines (when they go there to live for like three years). She cannot come over to N's apartment and join us swim because she was tired. I told her that she can just chill and relax on one of the pool chairs if she does not want to swim. In fact, the pool is only four minutes away from her apartment. D still refused.

Aahh! Why force a person to mingle with us if she/he does not want to? Okay I understand, but a quick company shall be appreciated if she went and met us. So, N and I went swimming at their apartment's pool and spa without D. My husband and N's joined us in the pool when they came home from work. We enjoyed it.

May 28, 2009

My Neighbor Is Moving

The neighbor living in front of our apartment unit is leaving. She said is having a hard time right now. I can see that. Though she often does her grocery shopping, she does it alone. I helped her carry the groceries in her apartment one time. Those were heavy because had milk and juice there. She mentioned that her son is moving her to a more convenient place. He is putting her in a retirement home. My neighbor was curios about this retirement home. She was was trying to ask me if I have any idea about it. I said nothing more than it is a home for elderly. Well, sounds like I need to know more.

Well, to those who want to know about retirement living, you may want to check Here is where we can find information about the up-to-date resources and directory of retirement homes for elderly. Also, they provide postings for activities for them like workshops and open houses in the retirement communities. This website is very useful to those who are looking for retirement residences for their elders.

My neighbor is very nice to me. She even gave me packs of good coffee after I helped her unload her groceries.

May 26, 2009

Planters For House Plants

It was pretty stormy this afternoon. There was lightning, thunder, and heavy rains. I thought the internet connection will be cut off because of the bad weather but luckily, it did not.

The rain brought a lot of water on the grounds. The plants were happy. I wish I had a couple of house plants besides Amaryllis and Ivy. But hey, I forgot to tell you that my associate at work gave me three mini tomato plants. They are placed in small garden planters because they are still young and tiny. They need a lot of care right now. I will transfer them to an outdoor planter when they grow bigger.

The back porch at the apartment catches shower of rains pretty good so my plants get rainwater once in a while. Sometime before Summer, I will get a bigger planter for my Amaryllis too.

Wants To Buy Me A Fishing Pole

We are planning to go out-of-town again one weekend next month. This time our destination is Farmersville, Texas where my cousin E and her husband T lives. She called the morning after yesterday inviting us to go fishing because they have a pond close to their house. E said that they have catfish in the pond. I told my honey about the fishing thing and he is so excited. He said he wants to buy me a fishing pole :) 'Kind of neat huh? Or maybe we will take a video of us fishing in the pond.

May 24, 2009

Health Care Training Online

I remember before I flew to the USA, my cousin E took a caregiver course back home. I never thought she will finish the course quickly because I thought it was a two-year class. But I was wrong. The training only took six months and she already finished the course with a recognition. I am so glad my cousin E finished her caregiver training in the Philippines. It will help her a lot when she will look for a job related to the skills she got.

For years, caregiver has become an in-demand job opportunity here in the USA and other countries in Asia (Japan), Middle East (Saudi Arabia), and Europe (England). Health care is the in-demand category of employment right now. But did you know you can get a caregiver training on the Internet? There are caregiver training programs available online where you can actually learn about caregiving education. Ready-to-use resources and support materials are available to professionals and ordinary people who wants to gain knowledge about caring people. These resources help the trainees gather information and experience actual caregiving. The advantage of taking the online caregiver training is that, you can manage your time.

My cousin E finished her training so quickly. Now she is now able to find a job as caregiver here in the USA.

She Is A Legal Resident Now

My cousin E already received her Employment Authorization Card (EAD), the Travel Document from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Together with that, DHS now sent her a letter welcoming E to the USA. Meaning, she will be getting her Permanent Residency Card (Greencard) three weeks from now. Awesome! Like me, she is now a legal resident of the USA.

Congratulations E. The next step is either job hunting or taking driving lessons. Whichever you want to do first, just do not forget I am here if you want someone to talk to.

May 22, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: Assorted Flowers

"A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon." This is what my fortune cookie says after we ate dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant. My honey was like, "do not tell her cookie." Because...

...this is the pleasant surprise that is waiting for me at home. My fortune cookie said it right :)

What's New In The Neighborhood

The house is pretty much doing fine right now. Everything is well inside and out(in the yard too) except the leaking vent pipe. But my honey took care of calling the builder about the problem. He will be expecting a call from them any time soon.

The neighborhood looks pretty. Some of the neighbors are starting to groom their garden. And I noticed that the other neighbors have new address plaques at their gardens. That looks neat. The house next to ours has a new address sign by the front wall. I have not thought there is a place to get a specialty wall address plaques or address signs for our homes. 'Looks cool.

Got Victoria's Secret Deals

Now, what I did in the morning was the laundry continuation from last night. After that I went to the convenience store (with my honey) to cash my winnings from the Bingo and matching game scratch cards. The cash added to my shopping money for the day.

'Was with my friend D today. I called her to ask if she still wanted to get the 10 for $25 panties at Victoria's Secret. The promotion started yesterday. I did not expect she will be on her day off too. My other girl friend N, who is supposed to be with me for a facial, went to work. So the schedule for the facial was canceled. D and I spent time together at the store selecting pretty VS undies.

May 21, 2009

Online Customer Support Is Available

It was Spring last year when we moved here in the apartment. Everything was organized smoothly even though we have to drive 1 1/2 hours bringing almost all of our belongings and appliance from the house in Nevada (Texas). We were glad that our unit has laundry washer and drier connection.

One time I encountered an unusual problem with the washer. Suddenly, it stopped operating in the middle of the wash. I was so worried because I have no idea what was going on. So I called my honey at work and told him what happened. He told me to check the manual about it. I looked for the washer's manual but I could not find it. It was very disappointing because time was consumed looking for that manual. I was so helpless. After an hour of searching, I found the user's manual at the bottom of the other reads and manuals. I read the troubleshooting pages but I did not find the specific reason why the washer stopped suddenly. Looking on the Internet did not come into my mind so I dug through our piles of booklets and papers.

Then my honey called telling me maybe the washer overheated (I loaded three batches of large quantities of laundry) since it was a very hot day. Plus, I loaded the whites and had set the washer in hot water. That maybe the reason. Whatever it was, it is very good to have a user's manual ready at any time. Any appliance or equipment needs to have an assistance ready even if is just a troubleshooting or minor repairs like coffeemaker, electric fan, and mosquito magnet repair. Those are only small matters but needs attention once in a while. This is how online customer assistance help us in quick troubleshooting or repair on our priced appliance and home equipment.

'Don't Want To Miss Any Task

I am sure I will be busy at home tomorrow. 'Will probably spend the morning cleaning and continue the laundry. I am working six days straight for the week so I need to work on lessening the household chores. That is why at this late, my washer and drier is busy with the loads.

And after my chores in the morning, my friend N and I will go for a facial at the mall. I just hope to wake up early tomorrow because I do not want to miss any of my scheduled task.

May 20, 2009

Fashion For Pregnant Women

Though I am not pregnant yet, I am having the urge to look at babies stuff on the Internet. Also, I am browsing for maternity clothes online. There are low-priced clothing for pregnant women in Kikifashions. Wide selection of up to 75% discount and clearance sale are currently displayed in their online store. In fairness, the styles and designs of the clothing is fine and classy.

The exclusive 20% Off for bloggers is very tempting. Bloggers will get this discount percentage using the coupon code "blogfriends" during checkout. How about that? It is a real deal. Makes me want to stock my wardrobe with some maternity clothes for future use :)

According To Maria, My Blog Is Lovely

This lovely award is given to me by Maria of Thank you so much. My blog is lovely! Lovely because of the people who are kind and friendly like you. I appreciate everyone who leaves his/her thoughts as well as suggestions in every entry I post in my weblog. Cheers to those who are very supportive and helpful. You deserve a lovely blog award too.


Here are the rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

May 19, 2009

Stainless Home Furnishing

What makes a home pleasant is its well-organized home furnishings. If the house is well-furnished and maintained properly, there is no doubt the people living in it feel comfortable and safe. That is what I want in my house...well-furnished.

Actually, I have almost all I want in my home. The kitchen has a built-in microwave oven and white dishwasher. We got a glass kitchen table and blomus stainless steel teaset to match it. The living room is carpeted with a blomus stainless steel fireplace set. I love decorating my living room. What we are planning now is to get a blomus stainless steel firepit to place at the back porch in preparation for the next winter.

May 18, 2009

Bills And Repairs

Bills, bills, bills. This is the time of every month when high amount of household bills are prepared for payment. Agh.

Now there is a huge house repair coming. One of the vent pipe on the roof of the house (leased) is leaking. The renters called Saturday morning (when it was raining heavy) and said there was a leak in the ceiling. My honey did not expect that there is something wrong with the vent pipe. He will call the builder tomorrow about the repair. We do not have idea how much would be the repair cost. Ah, life.

May 17, 2009

Stuff From Hallmark

'Bought a couple of stuff from Hallmark. Most of the things I bought was from the Easter stuff. I got these little toys at $1.00 each. Then I got these six little carrot plates at $ 1.25 each. And a small magnetic dart toy for $ 1.00 too. Also I bought a big paper bag for my gift to C, my associate, who had her Bachelorette Party last night.

Of all the things I shopped, it was the only high priced (at $ 3.99) item in the receipt. Anyway, I was very excited about the party that I have had forgotten to attach the little note card on the gift. Ugh!

May 15, 2009

Girls' Day Out: Eating And Shopping

I really have a wonderful time with my friends N and D. Our day off falls on the same day which is today, so we agreed to meet at the mall and went shopping. After a big lunch at the food court, we talked about store hopping in Downtown Fort Worth. With lots of excitement we headed downtown, spent a couple of hours store hopping around the area.

While at the stores I bought some tops. Also I redeemed the FREE panty from Victoria's Secret. Then I bought a gift for my associate at work who is having her bachelorette party tomorrow night. She is getting married before the end of this month.

My friends and I found a bench outside a store and rested there for a few minutes. We also took pictures once in a while. Then we had a free buffet dinner with N's husband (we picked him up from his office in downtown). Ah, that was fun!

May 14, 2009

Top Rated Blog Host

A couple of things are occupying my mind right now, alright. Though these thoughts are not complicated, still they keep me awake late at night. And when I do, I find myself seating in front of the computer...tapping the keyboard while staring at the screen. There are so many things I want to do but 'do not know where to start. The concern is more about searching for resources to get an extra income.

Well, blogging gives me the opportunity to earn money online. I am so thankful that I came across to this hobby. Since I started, I never had the chance to get a domain and web hosting for my website. Maybe because I am hesitant to buy one thinking it is not affordable. But when an online friend told me about the advantages of having a domain and website hosting, I got interested. To know which is the best hosting, I am currently checking on the Internet the top rated blog host websites. Hopefully I can get the best one.

May 12, 2009

Avail Great Leisure

The great treat for the family this Summer is a getaway to one of the most visited vacation destination in North America. Myrtle Beach Resort in South Carolina offers a variety of interesting activities along the South Carolina coastline.

If you or any member of the family loves to play golf, Golf Myrtle Beach is the best place to stay. Their Myrtle Beach Golf packages are very affordable and well planned for the guests to enjoy each moment of their stay. So if you love adventure and recreation, finalize your travel plans now and avail great deals on Myrtle Beach Golf vacations.

May 11, 2009

To The Mothers In The Family

Happy mother's day to my Mama, my sister Mildred, and Jennifer. A mother's love is is instinctual, unconditional, and everlasting.

"Mama, your care and constant advice has lingered in our minds as we grow up. I appreciate everything that you and Tatay did for us, your daughters and son. The discipline, values, and responsibility became a part of our lives. You never fail reminding us of what is coming.

Mildred, you are a mother of the two cute and adorable kids in the world. Though struggles came into your life in the first stage of motherhood, you never give up. Now I know you realized the responsibility of being a mother. I am happy that day by day, you become a stronger woman.

Jennifer, I know being a young mother is difficult. Giving birth makes us a complete woman. God blessed you a son to protect you when he grows up. I can see that you are doing your best to take care of your family. Your life as a mother is just starting. Always ask God's guidance in everything you do.

Being a mother is wonderful. So stay strong. May God bless you with wisdom and more love in your heart. I love you all."

This message comes from my heart. If only I can give each of them a big hug right at this moment. But that is okay. I talked to them earlier, gave my greetings, and expressed my message.

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May 8, 2009

Favorite Game On Sale

One of my brother's hobby when he is at home is playing Super Mario. When he gets the chance, he invites his buddy to come over. Sometimes my brother's buddy brings some of his favorite games. He collects and buys them online.

Video games have been the source of entertainment for young people since computers came to their peak. Technology has done a big part in the gaming system innovation. Plus, the Internet helped market these games and consoles to customers all over the world by using online buying guides. They help buyers search for cheap video games which young and adults may enjoy.

Weekend Snapshot: Godiva Bunny

'Got this bunny after Easter. He was on 50% Off sale so I grabbed him immediately from the shelf at the home department of the store. At $10.50, I think it was a pretty good deal for a Godiva stuffed toy.

May 5, 2009

With A Derma's Advice

Birthdays are blessings. I love celebrating birthdays and I love giving gifts too. Even if the gift is small and simple, I want it to be remembered.

This month, my best pal and cousin G is celebrating her 34th birthday. Though her age is off the calendar, she does not mind. It is still in the Lotto numbers. Hahaha! Okay, enough of the joke. What I think of giving her on her birthday is a skin care appointment. She has this acne problem and I want to help her get rid them. She will not get upset because we talked about this for a long time. This time, I want her to visit a dermatologist so that the effective acne treatment will be given to her. With a specialist's advice, my cousin could get the best acne product that suits her skin type. It is a matter of getting the right product for acne solution and the result would be wonderful.

I will be the first person to celebrate the success of this skin care. Happy birthday G!

April 2009 Top Ten ECardsters

My appreciation to all the visitors and Entrecard Droppers on Mhar's Display. Displaying in this page are the Top 10 ECardsters of April 2009.

EC Droppers
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Have a wonderful week!

Summer Wear And Bargains

Oh yeah. It is May already. We are now close to Summer. Geez! But I am excited you know. 'Cannot wait to wear my sleeveless shirts and shorty shorts. :) I bought a couple of them and pairs of swimsuits online.

I shop online because there are many bargains that you cannot find in department stores. Plus, there are online stores that do not charge shipping and handling. I go for those stores :).

I seldom buy stuff on the Internet though. But when I do, I make sure I find things that are worth my hard worked money.

May 4, 2009

Time Is The Boss

Nowadays, there people who do not have the time to go to a wellness spa or massage parlor. Because of their busy schedules (working and attending the household 24/7), they just contact their personal trainers whenever they need to get their massage routine or massage therapy.

How flexible it would be to work as a personal trainer. Our only boss is time. But before obtaining the benefits of becoming a trainer, it needs us to be certified. And getting a personal trainer certification from online schools has been pretty popular to health care job seekers. To some, personal training courses online is not enough to support the skills needed for the job. But with proper training and knowledge, I think they will succeed in this work.

Health Alert For Him

With regards to staying fit and healthy, my honey has to lose weight (for about 10 lbs.) in three months. Yes. That was what the doctor advised him to do. He had his medical check-up last month and they checked his blood twice. 'The result? His blood sugar is getting high. Alarming.

My honey is doing his exercise. Very good. I hope laziness will not strike at him. Well, I am always here to remind him everyday. (Kuliton gayod nako pirmi bah.)

May 3, 2009

Luxury Entertainment In Las Vegas

When I hear of the city Las Vegas, what comes right into my mind is entertainment. The city is popular with its gigantic, luxurious hotels and casinos. Plus, the entertainment shows that come in variety are very amusing. I heard about famous singers and entertainers perform in Las Vegas Hotels throughout the city. In fact, my favorite singer is having a constant show in one of the Las Vegas hotels. Do you have an idea who is she?

As the summer vacation time approaches, many of us now are planning of a memorable and enjoyable getaway. But do not let the this time pass you by because great deals on Las Vegas hotel accommodations are now available for the taking. For as low as $25 weekdays, Riviera Hotel and Casino is the great place to stay. Its location is not far where nightlife activities are. They also have shopping center on-site. Great! I would even spend a whole day shopping around.

I remember my friend N had a very awesome wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. I watched the video at her house when I went there for a visit. It was simulated over the Internet so her family and friends back home (Philippines) have had witnessed her tying the knot. N was mesmerized in that special moment of her life. Las Vegas is a memorable place for her. She is telling me that they want to have a vacation in Las Vegas. One day she asked me if we, (my honey and I), want to come with them. I said, "Sure. But I need to save more for it first." Fun and relaxation are the reason why people visit Las Vegas. If opportunity comes my way, I would like to stay in Riviera Hotel and Casino. My honey and I will surely like playing in the Penny Town of the casino :)

Traveling Requires Money

Agh! Some stores online are having their Spring sale going on right now. I am overwhelmed with the low prices of the merchandise that I like. I am trying to control myself from shopping because there is something more important in my mind. What is it? Travel. Yes. I have to super save for traveling requires a lot of money.

You never know what might come up with plane tickets and accommodation. I will do some scouting before I commit to a travel agent. I hope to get a desirable yet very affordable travel deal this year.

Hot Summer Stuff

Oh boy! What a day! I was very busy today. Busy searching for summer stuff on the Internet. Hahaha! Yeah, that is how excited I am for the next season. 'Cannot wait to jump in the swimming pool or run to the beach on a hot summer day. But before anything else, I have to look for a cute and sexy swimwear for my petite body. Again, the Internet is my outlet.

There are many colorful bathing suits online that will match every woman's taste and sizes. There is a two-piece bathing suit that caught my interest while I am browsing this evening. As you can see, the design and color are attractive. This is not very revealing, is it? I can tell that this set will look pretty on me (confident, huh?). Plus, I can mismatch both pieces to any color of swimsuit tops or bottoms. With the best deal in this bathing suit and other summer accessories in, there is no reason to hesitate shopping for them.

Kind of exciting because I already have a plan to go swimming with friends. At the swimming pool will do but I love going to the beach better. I enjoy playing with the waves and walking along the beach sands.

May 1, 2009

Worried About Me

I woke up with upset stomach early this morning. It is weird because I have not felt like this before. My mouth acted like it has something to let out from my stomach.

I thought of drinking a warm glass of milk. After a while, I went to the bathroom and threw up. My honey was worried and asked what was happening to me. I said, my stomach suddenly acted weird. As I was finishing my milk, I remember I did not have rice in my meal last night. Maybe that's what. So before I go to work today, I will eat breakfast. Fried rice and eggs.

I know what comes into your mind right now. Hey, we are taking extra care here to prevent getting that bad stuff.

Okay, I have to get going.

Everyday Should Always Be A Mother's Day

When we were young, we never used to celebrate Mother's Day in our family. I was in my college days when I noticed my classmates talked about getting a card for their mothers. It was not a big deal to me at all.

For me, mothers should be appreciated and complimented everyday. Not only for a one-day occasion. They are the most wonderful women in the world. I am saying this because I love my mother very much. She did her best to assist my father in providing the family's needs. She is a hardworking woman. My mother keeps on telling us the importance of values. My siblings and I grew up knowing how to be responsible on things. There were troubles, misunderstandings, and heartaches but she endured all of them and kept her stand. What I missed doing with my mother is preparing dinner together. I prepare the stuff needed and she cooks 'em. She is a good cook.

You know what, flowers are not enough to give our mothers. We should tell them the caring and thoughtful words we have in mind. The love and sacrifice our mothers did for us are priceless. But I will give my mother a bouquet of flowers back home. She will love them. Everyday should always be a mother's day.

The Travel Plan

My family is important to me. Each member is my inspiration. What I am and what I have right now is because of them. My parents have been very supportive in everything I do. My siblings are there whenever I need someone to talk to. My niece and nephews are the cutest and I adore them so much.

My honey and I are planning to visit my family this year, may awa ang Diyos. As of the moment, we are in the process of saving and looking for affordable accommodation. We think of giving everyone a surprise treat.