Jun 30, 2014

Another Fitness Challenge

My cousin and I have been talking about doing Zumba at her house once a week.  This is to keep ourselves fit for good health.  Since we both like dancing, Zumba would be the great exercise for us.  

But sometimes our schedule won't meet.  So we decided that we do Zumba at our own home with an agreement that we will record our progress weekly and we will do it to the best of our ability.  So we are into another challenge again.  She invited our other friends to join the fitness challenge.  Gladly they are willing to join.  And the Zumba challenge starts today.  :)

Jun 28, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Flower Bed

Flower bed
 It's about time to tend my flower bed in front of my house.  It has been are for a year now.  The only plant in there was the miniature rose that my mother-in-law gave me as gift on my birthday three years ago.  It's a shame that I didn't take care of my flower garden.  But now, I am determined to make it look great.  

Oklahoma Rose.
 Last Saturday, I worked on putting bricks around the edges of the flower bed.  My husband bought some garden soil and he spread them evenly in the flower bed.  Few days later I bought a couple of rose bushes from Lowe's.  One is called Oklahoma Rose, the other is Golden Yellow Rose.  According to the description, both have big fragrant blooms.  We'll see.

A house spider on the water hose.
 After the work's done, it was time to water.  When I was about to grab the water hose, I saw this black fuzzy-looking spider.  It freaked me out!  I called my husband to have him get rid of the arachnid.  He said it's a house spider and it's not dangerous.  Still, 'gave me goosebumps. 

Anyway, next thing I'd do is to fill the space in the flower bed with little flowering plants.

Jun 26, 2014

Catching Up

My darling daughter and I went to see my friend and her daughters today.  DD kept asking when shall we go visit JJ and H.  She missed them a lot.  Well, today my friend wasn't very busy so we were able to visit them and had a great time catching up.

After a very nice lunch, my friend took me to her humble vegetable garden.  She harvested some tomatoes, long beans, bitter melon, and green leafy vegetables for me to take home.  What a sweet person.  Besides her humble attitude, I admire her for being such a good gardener.  She grows veggies very well.

DD and I went home happy and belly full.  :)  This weekend, I will try to plant some alugbati (vine spinach) in our vegetable garden.  I still have a small space that I need to fill in with other veggies.  Alugbati is a very nutritious vegetable.  Me and my family back home loves to put it in vegetable soup.

Jun 23, 2014

Benefits Of Mobile Medical Services

Healthcare should be accessible to all citizens of a country regardless of their location. However, rural communities have some serious challenges when it comes to building healthcare facilities. Similarly, other isolated and remote locations may not have any real access to medical services. For example, residents that live high in mountainous terrains most likely do not have too many doctor's offices and other medical practices that offer specialty diagnostic and treatment services.

Mobile medical units solve various problems for isolated communities that lack proper healthcare facilities. Trailers are furnished with essential equipment that is needed to provide basic healthcare services to people of all ages. The trailers can be easily hauled by tractor trailer trucks or flatbed trucks. When the medical units arrive to a final destination, they are dropped off and temporarily installed on the ground. Mobile healthcare facilities invite residents to receive important checkups, vaccines and other treatments.

During natural disasters, mobile medical trailers are needed to provide emergency service to people that have been suffering. For example, a hurricane can devastate entire regions. People may lose their homes and lack any basic access to essential amenities as well as medical items. Disaster zones may be served by mobile medical facilities that prioritize treatment for toddlers, young children, pregnant women, disabled people and the elderly. These individuals should seek free healthcare services as soon as possible in order to avoid some common diseases and conditions that are common in disaster zones.

Governments may often cooperate with disaster relief groups in order to provide the appropriate medical care to residents of devastated communities. As people line up to receive free medical checkups, they might also get essential items like toiletries and over the counter medication. Mobile medical units might evaluate people and then make referrals for further treatments. Sometimes, sick people might have to be transported from disaster areas and taken into the nearest hospitals for immediate treatment.

Residents of small isolated communities can learn more about the benefits of mobile medical services. Municipalities should use all available resources to make sure that citizens are receiving proper access to healthcare on a regular basis. Mobile medical units may sometimes organize free tests and screenings for common conditions such as cancers and other diseases. There needs to be nationwide awareness of health issues. There should not be any excuses when it comes to delivering medical services to all U.S. citizens.

Jun 20, 2014

New Digital Camera For My Sister

I received a message from my sister-in-law letting me know that the packages I shipped to them and to my parents were delivered.  And she was thanking me for the belated Christmas gifts and other goods for the family.  I was also thankful that they packages were delivered without any issues.  

One of the items I put in the package was the graduation present for my baby sister who, at the time of the shipment of the package, was graduating from college.  My dear husband and I gave her a new digital camera because we knew she enjoys taking pictures.  Of course, we sent her some other nice things too.

This morning while we were chatting on Facebook, she sent me a few of the pictures she took with the new digital camera.  She liked how great the features are and the focus is nice.  So I am sharing these pictures.  I really liked them, too.

Cosmos flower.

My parents' dog named Jompyong and his pups.

Jun 13, 2014

They Did A Great Job!

It was a great week this week.  Besides the pleasant weather, our AC outdoor compressor/condenser unit was fixed immediately on the day of the service call.  Now our house feels comfortably cool. A big thanks to the family-owned HVAC service here in our area.  They surely did a great job.  Fixing this type of equipment is not easy but only those who are skillful and knowledgeable can do the work.

If your air conditioning has a heating and cooling problem, contact an HVAC service right away.  And if you are living in or around North Dallas, contact Montgomery HVAC service company at

Jun 7, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Na-Na And Paw-Paw's Flowering Plants

My darling daughter and I went to visit her grandparents this week.  We spend the nights Wednesday and Thursday.  When we arrived Wednesday afternoon, the folks were at the back porch.  Mom was picking flowers and Dad was tending the backyard.  Oh what a lovely time to spend in the backyard looking at these colorful flowers of different shapes and sizes.  I felt so relaxed after a long drive.




Jun 6, 2014

Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Confidence

Good and proper hygiene eliminate body odor most especially bath breath.  There are various factors that make our breath stinky besides not brushing our teeth or not cleaning our mouths properly.  If you or the people you know smoke, better quit NOW.

Bad Breath Infographic

Presented By TheraBreath

The Outdoor Central AC Unit Is Fixed

After two days of heat in the house, I am so thankful that the outdoor central AC compressor/condenser unit is fixed.  My dear husband called for service and before we left for an out of town trip this morning, a staff from the HVAC company came to check the unit.  After about an hour he said that the fan motor and the capacitor has to be replaced.  Glad it wasn't the condenser.  The estimated cost was between $300-$325 plus the service call fee of $70.

The person has to get the replacement parts and will come back to install them.  My husband came home this afternoon because my darling daughter and I were gone at noon heading to visit the grandparents.

While at the grandparents', my hubby called that the air-conditioning is running great again and it's cool in the house.  That was a good news!

Jun 3, 2014

Four Fans Are On

It is so darn hot in my house right now!!!  Four fans are actually on and working in their maximum capacity to help us cool down.  Two ceiling fans and two floor fans.

There is something wrong with our air-conditioning unit.  It was working and cooling fine until yesterday afternoon.  When my dear husband checked everything, he figured out that the fan blades of the outdoor central AC compressor/condenser unit were not spinning.  Oh dear!  Does it mean that we have to get a new one?  Hopefully not right now. We do not have a budget for home improvement right now.  As much as possible, we want to extend the service of this unit.

My hubby called for service to check on the unit and he said someone will come to our house tomorrow morning.  I hope they'll fix it soon.  But you know what?  We will consider whatever is best.