Mar 30, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Thinking About Planting This Beatiful Burning Heart Tulip

Burning Heart Tulip

We had a wonderful weekend again.  My girl friend invited us to her son's birthday party and my little girl had a great time playing with other kids in the playground in the backyard.  It was a pleasant day today and being outdoors was so wonderful!  As soon as we stepped on my friend's pathway towards her house, I was captured by this lovely flower.  I was sure it's a tulip but I didn't know what the specific type was until I looked from Google.  This type of tulip is called a Burning Heart Tulip.  Ain't it beautiful?

Planting the wild flower seeds we bought from Walmart.
But before today's party, we gave daddy a little help in the yard yesterday.  My darling daughter was so excited about planting. We bought a few packets of wild flowers seeds at Walmart few weeks ago.  My husband decided to have them planted yesterday.  He made a horizontal plot by the red tips bushes.  Then we scattered the seeds there. :) I hope they will grow fast. I was thinking of planting some tulips at the front yard, too.

The Power Is Back

After three months since the super typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013, I am very happy that the electricity is back now in some areas in my hometown end of February.  And it's back at my parent's apartment.  The power has also been restored at my brother's place.  On the other hand, my younger sister's neighborhood is still in schedule for re-installations and stuff like that.

Good news!  That was a relief. 

Mar 29, 2014

Lighted Curio Cabinet - Oak

Finally, I found a lighted curio cabinet.  I have been wanting to buy one ever since.  This was also sold from a garage sale and good thing I was the first one who negotiated the price to the seller.  Gladly she accepted my offer.  I checked this type of lighted curio cabinet online and they're quite costly.  I saw a similar corner lighted curio cabinet in oak priced at $299.00.  This one I bought for $60 and still in excellent condition.  The glass shelves are complete and intact.

Hauling this piece of home furniture wasn't a joke because I picked this up by myself.  Yes, it's true.  My dear husband was at work and couldn't get at least a half day off because they're busy.  He just let me use his pick up truck.  With all my strength, I was able to lift the curio onto the back of the truck.  I felt soreness on my shoulders the next day.

Scared of it flying over board, the seller suggested to have it tied around to prevent from moving.  Thankfully there's a Lowe's store located close by that I stopped to buy a rope.  I humbly asked one of the staff who was currently gathering the shopping carts in the parking lot to help me tie the furniture in the truck.  I was so happy that he helped.

Our new lighted curio.
I was driving five miles less the speed limit on the superhighway.  That is to confident that the speed won't cause the furniture to tumble.

Mar 25, 2014

Lifting The Boater's Spirits

The boatsman that needs to keep their boat up in the air to get it onto a trailer or just for repairs must be in a position to get the boat where it belongs. Sometimes, the boat must be moved in a particular way to allow for the design of the boat, and this is why the boat owner must make choices that are just for the boat so that the design is taken into account and the boat is protected at all times.

The way that a boat is lifted out of the water can be stressful on the boat and the owner, but the right boat lift makes it very easy to get the boat out of the water and allow for the boat to be safe at the same time. Regardless of whether the boat is coming out of the water and into a trailer or up to a dry dock for repairs, the boat lift has to be gentle enough to keep the boat in good shape. This is especially true when the boat is already fragile and needs to be repaired to make sure that it will float again.

Many boat owners assume that they do not need a boat lift because their local marina will already have one, but it is best to have a boat lift ready to make sure that the boat can be transported and moved easily whenever the boat owner needs to. The marina may have a boat lift, but that does not mean that the boat owner is going to be able to access that boat lift when they really want to. Rather, it is best to be prepared and give the boat owner a chance to care for their boat in a way that makes the most sense and gives the boat the best chance to be safe.

The best boat lifts are affordable and allow the boat owner to have everything they need when they are preparing to move their boat or put their boat up for repairs. Rather than getting a boat lift when the boat must be moved often, it is best for every boat owner to have a boat lift that is going to help them when they need it the most. Most people cannot imagine when they'll need a boat lift, but when they click here, they will have one that works.

Mar 23, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Sister-in-law's Birthday

This is my favorite birthday balloon at the party.

Simple cake decoration but sure looks yummy.

And yes it's yummy!  Chocolate cake is my favorite, too.
 It's my sister-in-law's birthday today and she had small party at her house.  Still sleepy from watching the LeAnn Rimes concert in Oklahoma last night, I attended the party with my husband and darling daughter.  All the family was invited and came to her party.  

It is always a great thing that we get together on a special occasion like this.  Our kids get to see their cousins and play ball in the backyard.  The food was good.  Beef and chicken fajitas with Mexican rice and beans were delicious!  Of course those came with sauces, too.  :)

How about you?  Do you enjoy family parties too?

Mar 17, 2014

Muay Thai – The Best Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight is most effective if we make a combination of two things – healthy diet and exercise. Muay Thai is a combat sport that can also be viewed as an exercise that burns a lot of calories in a relatively short time. This intense training trend is found in many Muay Thai Camps. Muay Thai is also a mental and physical workout because concentration is required in order to master some moves and skills. Muay Thai can be practiced by both men and women especially when they are looking for an effective way to lose weight.


Several studies have confirmed that an one hour Muay Thai training session can burn up to 600 calories (this depends on the weight of the person that is performing the training – the higher the weight the more calories are burnt). Knowing the exact amount of calories that you can burn is important because you can easily calculate the calories that you take through your diet and the amount that you can burn.


If you are practicing a diet with lower amount of calories and actively train Muay Thai your amount of weight loss will significantly increase. According to some statistics the number of successful dieters who don’t exercise is very low and that’s why training is essential. A lot Muay Thai trainers can help with your diet and of course you can consult your doctor, too. Muay Thai training requires lots of energy so you must keep some level of calorie intake. In this way you will stay strong and fit.
As you can see Muay Thai can be very helpful if you are looking for a way to lose weight. If you want to have real, traditional training sessions we suggest you visit Thailand where you can choose from hundreds of different Muay Thai camps. In order to save you some time we will suggest you a camp that is very popular among people who want to lose weight through Muay Thai training and that is Suwit Muay Thai camp located in the stunning Phuket Island . You can read more at BestMuayThai news in March 2014 .  For a cheap price you can get a room in this camp enjoy the beautiful nature and practice Muay Thai training while losing weight.

This is a Guest Post.

Mar 15, 2014

Help! My Screen Is Sideways!

 "Help!  My Screen Is Sideways!"  These were the words I was muttering in the middle of the night in our living room.  

I was just only a photo away to finishing my last article when this very annoying thing happened last night.  You see, I was in the process of editing a photo.  When I tried rotating it, unexpectedly my dell computer screen also rotated sideways!  The touchpad was also functioning sideways.  I mean, how could that happened?  I had no idea what keys I pressed that lead to this sudden catastrophe.  I restarted my computer but when it opened, the screen was still sideways. 

Nervous, pissed, confused...I tried my best to find a solution online.   Thankfully, I found one immediately.  And according the thread in the forum, here's what you should do when your screen gets sideways:

Best solution  

laurag said:
My dell monitor screen has turned sideways. How can I get it back to normal?

Try pressing Ctrl + Alt + UP Arrow Key, or try Ctrl + Alt + and a different Arrow Key.

If that does not work: Right-click on empty Desktop > Graphics Options > Rotation. 

Whew!   If I wasn't able to find technical help online and didn't fix , I could have taken the computer to Walmart. 

I was very frustrated that I didn't even took a picture of the screen.  Darn!

Mar 8, 2014

Give Your Washer And Dryer A Longer Life

Taking good care of our household items can help us save money.  Why?  Because we do not have to buy replacements for a long time or pay outrageous amount for repairs and stuff.   Household appliances, for example washer and dryer, can have a longer life if we know how to treat them with care.

We can extend the life our washer and dryer--and our clothes, too--by treating our appliances with care on laundry day.  Here's how:

  • Clean the dryer's lin filter after every use.  Occasionally vacuum the chute that houses the filter.
  • Unfasten the duct from the drer at least once a year and vacuum it.
  • Cut down on drying time if your clothes consistently come out wrinkled.  That means you're overdrying.
  • On nice days, skip the dryer completely by installing and using a clothesline.
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine with comforters, rugs and large blankets.  Look in your owner's manual to learn how much weight your washer's tub can handle.
  • Balance your load.  Washers can fail when heavy loads bang around in and unbalanced machine.
  • Replace your incoming water intake hoses every five years, even if they look OK.  Older hoses are prone to bursting.
Also, we can save energy this way.


Mar 6, 2014

Gorgeous Mother Of The Bride Dress For My Mom To Wear On My Wedding Day

Seems like it was last Spring that my husband and I got married.  Our wedding was a garden wedding in the Spring of 2008.  It was my very first time in the United States of America and I didn't know how chilly the breeze is in the Spring.  My wedding dress was a Princess Halter style gown.  With a little bare in the back, honestly, I was quite shivering during the wedding ceremony.  No joke!  Gladly the ceremony wasn't that long.  We had some few portraits taken then we headed immediately to the reception in Holiday Inn Hotel.

I sure missed my family on my wedding day.  If there were opportunities available for them, especially for my parents, to come over to witness my special day I could have talked my husband to that.  Celebrating my big day would've have been more awesome.  And I could have got this Mother of the Bride dress for my mom to wear.

There are so many gorgeous Mother of the Bride dresses and bridesmaid dresses at that all I had to do was shop and wished that my parents and siblings have had witnessed DH and I on our wedding day.