Oct 31, 2013

Why Discuss Your Case Only with a Personal Injury Attorney

Are you the victim of a medical malpractice? Were you hit by a car while crossing the road when the light was green? Were you bitten by your neighbor’s dog? Did you slip on a wet floor at the mall and strain your ankle? Did someone back up in the parking lot and hit your car? These are all excellent examples of situations that warrant retaining the services of a Fremont personal injury attorney. Why do you need a lawyer? The advice offered by an expert in legal matters can prevent devastating problems. One of the tips a devoted counselor gives clients is that it is unwise to discuss their case with others. Why? Keep on reading.

Be Aware of Spies

Although you fully trust your best friend, siblings, and other close relatives, it is best not to talk to them about your situation. Yes, these people can be trusted, but that does not mean that other individuals in the room will keep their mouth shut. You may not even know that someone is eavesdropping. What happens if the insurance company of the other party finds out? They may use this witness against you if you said something incriminating.

Do Not Talk to the Police

Ask your lawyer to be present when you have to give a statement to the police. Your counselor will stop you if you are too generous with your information, and are about to say something the court can use against you. Although a lot of personal injury cases are settled before they are brought in front of a judge, some of them are not. You may have to file a lawsuit to get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Insurance Companies Are in It for the Money

It is easy to trust that friendly, concerned voice on the phone. Be careful, because if that is the other party’s insurance agent, you may lose the battle by saying the wrong thing. Even harmless remarks can hurt your claim when they are taken out of context. Refer everyone inquiring about the incident or claim to your Fremont personal injury attorney. Your legal representative knows exactly what information can be released, and who can have access to it.

Oct 8, 2013

I Badly Need A Pan Cleanier

I was trying to make pudding with lemon and berries this evening.  I had the recipe and the ingredients ready.  First in the directions bring milk, sugar, cornstarch to a boil.  I did but they got burnt in my pan.  I was very upset because it didn't work out good.  Now my pan has the burnt residue of the mixture.  What shall I do?  It's stuck!  I can't use my pan right now.  I badly need a pan cleaner.

Oct 4, 2013

Beautiful Flower, Pleasant Day, Pretty Photos

It was a bright sun shiny day today.  So my daughter and I went outside and play this morning.  We noticed some Hibiscus blooms in the front garden.  I picked it and had our pictures taken with the flower behind our ear.

My Hibiscus plants are growing good.  They really give lots of blooms, and big ones.  They just need to be watered everyday in the summer.  Now that it's Fall season, rain comes and it helps the plants' growth. On the other hand, our vegetable garden has to be cleaned this weekend.  Sad to say that we are going to pull out the remaining tomato plants and okras.  Hubby and I will plant again in the Spring next year.

Oct 1, 2013

There's A Place For My Laptop And Stuff Now

As you know, I work at home for more than five years now.  I have been doing buy and sell online a year after I got here in the US.  My husband and I moved (the week I arrived) and lived in an apartment for about two years.  But the tight situation didn't stop me from doing what I enjoy.  Earning extra money online is a big help to us.  One of the things I was wishing for since then was a portable mobile laptop desk that I can use even when I am in our bedroom.  We have a computer table but my husband's computer and other electronics were stationed there.  So I didn't have a place for my laptop and stuff.  I had to crowd my husband's computer table.

When we moved back to his house out in the country, I told him I need a mobile laptop desk.  Without waiting so long, I got this one.  I am really happy that it's in my house now.  My new mobile laptop desk is very handy.

Working and snacking at the same time. :)
Portable Wood Mobile Laptop Desk with Rollers

  • Angled and height adjustable tabletops made of solid wood
  • Splitting tabletops (If you have kids, just keep reminding them that this item is not a toy) 
  • Slide-stopper on both sides of the table to enable both right-hand and left-hand users 
  • Smooth tabletops for easy cleaning
  • Round corners keep users from scratching
  • Swivel casters for more mobility (I can roll it wherever I want in the house)
  • Brakes on the casters to stop the table from moving when you want a stable working platform
  • Special designed "T" base
  • Perfect for using over sofa, bed, on floor or elsewhere when using notebook, reading, writing, eating or drawing
  • Minor assembly required
  • All the parts were clearly marked
  • It came with the tools you need for the assembly
  • Instructions were clear
Smooth surface and rounded corners.
The 'T' base with the rollers.
Dear husband putting the mobile laptop desk together.
Excuse me for a little mess behind me.
I am loving my new laptop desk now.  :)
Want something like this?  You can get one at for a very affordable price.

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