May 30, 2011

Collect Rewards Points And Get Freebies From Pampers

Oh wow!  I got a freebie from because I joined Pampers' rewards promo.  I reached a certain number of points where I can redeem something from one of the partner companies.  My cousin told me about the Pampers' promo.  She already received her free item from Shutterfly too.  

I chose Shutterfly because I want a compilation of my daughter's pictures from birth.  It is a wonderful keepsake.  The photo book is pretty neat, and my honey and mother-in-law liked it.

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May 28, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: This Is How I Like My Noodles

Craving for noodles or pansit this afternoon, I made some and paired it with iced cold Coca-cola and sliced bread.  This is how I like to eat my noodles.  

Put some noodles on a slice bread then cover it with the other slice.  Then drink ice cold Coke.  Do it again.

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May 26, 2011

MyBlogLog Is Gone

Yes.  It is gone.  Totally.  Yahoo!  has officially discontinued MyBlogLog service two days ago.  I was a member of it since I started my blogging career.  

I have no idea why Yahoo!  closed the service.  They did not mention anything in their correspondence.  Anyway, I hope they will come up with a new online social networking/community soon.  One that will last for a long time. 

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May 24, 2011

Celebrating In Brazil

A dear friend is celebrating her birthday today.  Cheers to Masquerade's owner, SissyM! I wonder where the party is gonna be?  Hmm...I cannot go to Brazil.  Arg! sweet friend.  Greetings from USA.  I am wishing you more birthdays to come and plenty of blessings for you and your daughter.  Thank you for your friendship.

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May 23, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: Diamond Fascination

OMG!  I am so liking this!  A Diamond Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold.  This is what I get in watching jewelry shopping on television.  I fancy this gorgeous bracelet right now.  I want to have it!  It is already placed in my wishlist.  Oh my, oh my.

Photo courtesy to

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May 20, 2011

Today's Humor: The Bridge

A truck driver was driving along on the freeway. He passed a sign that said "low bridge ahead."

Before he knew it, the bridge was right ahead of him and he could not avoid getting stuck under the bridge. You could say that he got a "Truck Wedgie."

Cars were backed up for miles.

Finally, a police car pulled up. The cop got out of his car and walked around to the truck driver, put his hands on his hips and said, "Got stuck, huh?"

The gutsy truck driver said, "No officer, I was delivering this bridge and ran out of gas!"

Thanks to

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May 16, 2011

Favorite Coffee: Chocolate Mocha

I love chocolate mocha coffee more than life itself. This delicious coffee can brighten up any crappy day that I have. I love to grab this coffee after the most difficult days, because it makes all the stress simply melt away. There is something about sitting down in a cafe and simply sipping this goodness that truly makes me feel at peace with the world.

I love chocolate mocha coffee so much and love drinking it in a cafe setting. Cafes are amazing for their awesome social atmosphere. I love to do everything from writing books and articles in a cafe to drawing and painting in cafes. I find it a lot of fun to sketch out people's portraits in cafes and create impressionist sorts of scenes. The impressionists definitely inspire me for the ways in which they began recording cafe atmospheres filled with people. Overall, I would trade nothing else for a cup of my favorite chocolate mocha coffee and a great cafe somewhere. I always need to set my Security Choice home security alarm before I leave for the local cafe, because I can sit for hours and hours simply drinking my favorite cup of chocolate mocha. There is nothing better than enjoying some chocolate goodness and truly enjoying life. I simply love this coffee and would love to have a lifetime supply of it.

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

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May 14, 2011

My Feelings (In Different Ways)

Sometimes I feel happy. Sometimes I feel sad. 
Sometimes I feel silly. Sometimes I feel mad. 
Whatever I am feeling it’s really quite okay. 
For what I feel are feelings. 
I feel different ways each day. 

Sometimes I feel grumpy. Sometimes I‘m sick inside. 
Sometimes I feel embarrassed. Sometimes I ‘m filled with pride. 
Whatever I am feeling it’s really quite okay. 
For what I feel are feelings. 
I feel different ways each day.

  It is natural.  And it is okay to express your feelings too.  Do not pretend.  If you love someone, tell that person how you feel.  Because you will regret it forever if you don't.  It is okay to feel disappointed.  At least you did not let the opportunity pass you by.  

Show your love to your family, friends, and loved ones.  Because you only live once and you cannot bring back yesterday.  So even in simple little ways, show your love and appreciation.

It is okay to feel angry as long as it won't lead to hatred.  Forgive.  And do not be too is not bad to say (a sincere) "Sorry."

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May 11, 2011

Tender Loving Care

I was feeling awful couple of days ago.  My head and nose were congested.  I was feeling tired especially at night.  Is baby wearing me out?  Part of it.  

One thing that helped me get better was Vicks vapor rub.  It always has been very effective on me.  Proven to help relieve nasal congestion and muscle pain, me and my family always has Vicks at home.  Now I feel better.  Thanks to Vicks vapor rub and honey's tender loving care, of course.

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May 9, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: My First Mother's Day

It's my first Mother's Day but there's no big celebration.  It was a very pleasant day.  We had lunch date at Chilli's.  I like their Monterey Chicken but I tried the spare ribs that moment.  That was good ribs!

My honey surprised me with this Calla Lily, balloon, and greeting cards.  I haven't seen pink Calla Lilies before.  I thought they are always white.  He said that's what genetic engineering can do.

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May 6, 2011

Friends Meeting

I am excited about seeing my friends on Monday.  Gladly, my two girl friends got the same day off so they are able to schedule this meeting.  Hopefully the weather is pleasant next week. It will be our post-Mother's Day get-together.  Nice huh?  That would be fun, I bet.  Hoping for a wonderful travel too.

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May 1, 2011

Future Travel And Vacation

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to travel and visit Europe.  There are couple of countries in my list:  UK, Italy, France, Norway, name a few.  This idea came to me not only because I worked in travel before, it is because I want to explore.  Traveling always interests me. 

The most traveled season is summer.  It is the best time to visit cooler places and summer destinations for a vacation/getaway.  I like a beach getaway.  A wonderful room accommodation adds to the enjoyment of the vacation.  To me, visiting Europe during the summer season seems quite appealing.  Besides staying in a hotel, you can also stay in a luxury apartment for rent that is furnished appliances. Whenever I travel, I always look into getting a great deal on hotel accommodations.  This matters a lot to me.  

I am hoping that I can visit the above mentioned European countries someday.

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