Oct 29, 2016

New Shingles And New Gutters

Had our roof replaced recently. (Thank goodness.)  After six months of waiting, a representative from the roofer company called last month and came to tell us that his workers will come do the job very soon.  Two weeks ago, our roof was fixed with new shingles.  Last week, different people came to replace the gutters.  My dear husband said that someone will come and replace the window screens.  Not from the same company who did the roof and the gutters.

Finally, we're almost done with this.  The insurance companies, the roofers, and the other home improvement companies were very busy since the hail storm in March.  We are happy that they got our done.

Oct 8, 2016

Hubby's Birthday Pie

It's my beloved husband's birthday.  So thankful for this day and the opportunity to be able to visit the folks this weekend to celebrate this special occasion.  Mom made the most delicious pie.  Here is a piece of Strawberry Pie - that is now my favorite of all time. :)  I am going to make some very soon. :)

Strawberry Pie